About Ethan Chumley

Albert Einstein said, “A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.” This eloquent sentence illustrates the leadership style of Ethan Chumley, founder and CEO of Armstrong Steel. At an age when his peers are still recovering from the cosmic hang-over of their over indulgent or aimless 20’s, Ethan has leaped into the ranks of entrepreneurial vanguards who embraced technology and bold ways of thinking – such as Henry Ford and Mark Cuban.

Armstrong Steel was founded in Ethan Chumley’s garage in 2006. Ethan initially worked for another steel building provider and identified discrepancies in the way customers were treated and the industry responded to their needs. As every good entrepreneur does, Chumley recognized an opportunity to better conduct business by incorporating a ‘service first’ approach while embracing new technology as a means to deliver his product and message across the internet.

The success of Armstrong Steel has come despite the unyielding adversity Ethan’s older and more established competitors have hurled in his direction. Almost from the beginning, competitors attempted to cripple the emerging OEM Manufacturer with lawsuits and public defamation. Chumley has weathered these attacks by maintaining corporate integrity and consistently refocusing the company’s attention back to the customer and away from the competition.

Economic adversity is also no stranger to Ethan. Under his leadership, Armstrong Steel took great financial risk to hire in-house technology, detailers and creative teams – even during a dark economic period when construction activity was down across the country. Investing in human capital rather than laying off employees poised the company as a fresh and innovative industry leader and this increased Armstrong’s competitive edge significantly when the economy came back to life.

Ethan Chumley has taken Armstrong Steel to places that many CEO’s are shy about going. There’s no safety net he enjoys that his employees do not. Risks are by invitation and shared by the team; as are the rewards. Chumley’s leadership is less about micro-managing and more about finding a collective group of thinkers and doers who share in the entrepreneurial spirit – and giving them the tools to maximize that potential.

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