About Kitty Uhle

Kitty is celebrated by Armstrong Steel’s customers and staff alike for her tireless commitment to managing some of the most detailed and complex elements of the building process. Since 2011, Kitty has managed the customer experience from the moment the building leaves the project manager’s desk all the way to the completed erection, and has made it look effortless.

Providing a memorable customer experience has been the benchmark of Kitty’s career. As an operations analyst for a leading manufacturer, she spent nearly 10 years managing the many components of consumer perception for the makers of OxiClean. Kitty worked in the Direct-to-Consumer channel, with the marketing team, developers, fulfillment team, customer service members and the consumer. It was her job to ensure that from the developers’ plans to the consumers’ shelf, every issue was addressed and every problem was solved.

She enjoys providing solutions for customers and vendors, managing delivery, and the myriad of individual issues facing Armstrong’s customers. There is no problem too big, or too small for Kitty, and her attention to each customer is of the highest standard in any industry. She loves the youthful energy at Armstrong Steel, the ‘can-do’ attitude of the team, and Armstrong’s culture of commitment to the customer and the community.

When Kitty is not at work, she and her husband spend time on the road in their comfy RV (glamping as she refers to it); maintaining an active Colorado lifestyle, skiing, hiking; spending time with their children and smothering their grandchild with affection.

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