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  • Tool Review of Bosch Charger

    Steel Workshop Tool Review: Bosch 18V Inductive Battery Charging System

    Inductive Battery Charging has made its way into the power tool world, and Bosch leads the “charge” into the industry. You might be familiar with inductive, or wireless charging with your smartphone or toothbrush. It’s the same technology at work here. The premise is relatively straightforward. Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy… Full Article

  • 640x320-steel-vs-wood (1)

    Steel Buildings vs. Pole Barns: Make the Right Choice

    We realize you have a lot of choices in the marketplace when it comes when your construction needs. At Armstrong Steel, our steel buildings are the most flexible solutions for contractors, builders, families and do-it-yourselfers.  Over the past few decades, construction enthusiasts and contractors have battled on the building topic of Wood vs. Steel. Both… Full Article

  • slab

    Get Your Steel Building’s Slab Poured Before Winter

    When erecting a custom metal building, whether it’s a garage, workshop or hangar, there are certain procedures that must be followed. As winter draws closer and closer, it is important to take steps to protect your custom metal building from the weather. The most important thing you can do is get your concrete foundation laid… Full Article

  • Circular Saw Header, steel workshop tools, steel workshop

    Steel Workshop Tool Review: Milwaukee 2731 M18 Fuel Brushless Circular Saw

    If you haven’t tested the Milwaukee 2731 M18 Fuel Brushless Circular Saw you’re missing out. The 6-½” version of the M18 Fuel Circular Saw has become a staple in contractor’s toolboxes as well as homeowner’s steel workshops due to it’s stunning cordless power. The latest version, released in August, has added to a growing excitement surrounding… Full Article

  • subcontractor

    7 Tips for Finding A Reliable Subcontractor in A Pinch

    If you’re on the job site and you know you won’t be able to finish the job on time, you likely need to hire a subcontractor to help you get the work done. How do you go about finding the perfect subcontractor? Hiring a subcontractor takes time and energy you don’t have to spare. These… Full Article

  • ipad

    8 Best Mobile Apps for General Contractors

    At Armstrong Steel we make sure we deliver the best metal building that we can. A portion of our success is attributed to our dedication to efficiency, not only so that we don’t waste our customers’ time, but also so that we don’t waste our own time. On the job site there is little time… Full Article

  • bidding-government-projects

    6 Things a Contractor Should Consider When Bidding Government Projects

    As a contractor, one of the keys to success is diversifying your project line-up. This is important in every business, but the benefits to a construction and contracting company means that you’re able to bid on jobs you might not have considered during the slow season. Have you considered steel buildings? Project diversity provides greater… Full Article

  • construction-increase

    More Work & Lessons Learned Means Contractors Are Declining New Business

    A 2013 report from the Association of General Contractors details something you may already know, construction firms and subcontractors across the nation are turning down new work. The report says that current work for existing clients is keeping small to medium sized contractors as busy as ever. With housing and building starts seeing a dramatic… Full Article

  • cash flow strategies

    Cash Flow Strategy For Contractors

    With 2014 building starts on the rebound perhaps the most important question for contractors is not, “where is the business,” but, “where is the cash?” According to Richard Gavin, CPA at Grassi & Co. and a leading construction industry analyst, “most contractors who are going out of business this year are failing because they are running out… Full Article