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  • Tool-Review-Toro-blower

    Steel Workshop Tool Review: Toro Power Max 724 OE Snow Blower

    This winter, Mother Nature meets her match. When the weather gets cold in your area and the snow starts to pile up in front of your steel workshop, ditch the shovel and take control of the white stuff. In this month’s Armstrong Steel Tool Review, I’ll take a look at the Power Max 724 OE,… Full Article

  • Tool Review of Bosch Charger

    Steel Workshop Tool Review: Bosch 18V Inductive Battery Charging System

    Inductive Battery Charging has made its way into the power tool world, and Bosch leads the “charge” into the industry. You might be familiar with inductive, or wireless charging with your smartphone or toothbrush. It’s the same technology at work here. The premise is relatively straightforward. Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy… Full Article

  • Circular Saw Header, steel workshop tools, steel workshop

    Steel Workshop Tool Review: Milwaukee 2731 M18 Fuel Brushless Circular Saw

    If you haven’t tested the Milwaukee 2731 M18 Fuel Brushless Circular Saw you’re missing out. The 6-½” version of the M18 Fuel Circular Saw has become a staple in contractor’s toolboxes as well as homeowner’s steel workshops due to it’s stunning cordless power. The latest version, released in August, has added to a growing excitement surrounding… Full Article