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  • 600x300-8-Mistakes

    Don’t Make These 8 Mistakes When Erecting a Steel Building

    One of the biggest advantages to a steel building kit is its ability to be erected quickly and easily. Whether you have a lot of knowledge of the steel building erection process, or you just started bidding on steel building projects, you understand there is still a right way and a wrong way to complete… Full Article

  • dynamitereferral

    How to Build a Dynamite Referral System

    You’ve hopefully seen the following scenario play out a number of times. You erect a steel building or remodel a home magnificently, and your customer is more than satisfied with your work. But you can’t just count on someone walking by, seeing your handiwork, and requesting your services. After you complete work for your customer,… Full Article

  • utilize-pemb-rfp2

    Utilize a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for your RFP

    Are you in a bidding war for a Request For Proposal (RFP) project? Though the fight is never fun, it’s worth your time to include a pre-engineered metal building when submitting your RFP. Sometimes you are the only person who shows up and you win by default, and sometimes the better bid wins. RFP bids… Full Article

  • wintertips

    Steel Building Winter Maintenance Tips

    One of the biggest benefits to owning a steel building is how easy they are to maintain. However, anything worth significant value should still be maintained with great care. Because of their durability, steel buildings are meant to withstand all types of climate conditions. In poor weather, steel buildings also require very few repairs and… Full Article

  • contractors-snow

    Convince your Clients to Remodel in the Winter

    You already know winter is traditionally a slow time in the construction industry. You’ve lived it, and you’ve explored how to make money when the weather turns cold. You’ve experienced peaks and valleys throughout the year, and hopefully that’s been enough to sustain your business. But if it hasn’t been, how do you go about… Full Article

  • Make$thiswinter

    5 Ways Contractors Can Make Money in the Winter

    Winter can be a difficult time for contractors. Jobs are in short supply and working conditions can be harsh. When the weather becomes colder, it could mark the end of a contractor’s money-making season. But November through March doesn’t need to be down time for workers who live in more frigid parts of the country.… Full Article

  • ipad

    8 Best Mobile Apps for General Contractors

    At Armstrong Steel we make sure we deliver the best metal building that we can. A portion of our success is attributed to our dedication to efficiency, not only so that we don’t waste our customers’ time, but also so that we don’t waste our own time. On the job site there is little time… Full Article

  • bidding-government-projects

    6 Things a Contractor Should Consider When Bidding Government Projects

    As a contractor, one of the keys to success is diversifying your project line-up. This is important in every business, but the benefits to a construction and contracting company means that you’re able to bid on jobs you might not have considered during the slow season. Have you considered steel buildings? Project diversity provides greater… Full Article

  • cash flow strategies

    Cash Flow Strategy For Contractors

    With 2014 building starts on the rebound perhaps the most important question for contractors is not, “where is the business,” but, “where is the cash?” According to Richard Gavin, CPA at Grassi & Co. and a leading construction industry analyst, “most contractors who are going out of business this year are failing because they are running out… Full Article

  • tower of pisa

    How to Handle a Big Mistake

    In the 12th century, Italian City States were all very testy with one another. Competitions were not merely displays of military might, but also some intense rivalries on who could build a better monument. Jumping into the fray was the scrappy City of Pisa – determined to show off their muscle, might, and minds with… Full Article