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    Steel Building or Pole Barn – Which One Would You Rather Have?

    This day and age, all the information you’ll ever need is literally at your fingertips. Fire up your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and punch a few keywords into your favorite search engine. Now you’re sitting in the driver’s seat on the information superhighway, traveling as fast as your fingers can carry you. That’s really all… Full Article

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    Myths Busted: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Steel Buildings

    There’s a lot of information about steel buildings out there. Several misconceptions about pre-engineered steel buildings are keeping you from pulling the trigger, and sadly, they’re not true. We’re here to help you debunk four myths about steel buildings so you can get started on your next project right away. “Steel Buildings are too expensive.”… Full Article

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    Why a Steel Building is the Most Important Piece of Farm Equipment

    Cultivators. Balers. Air Seeders. Mowers. Grinders. Combines. Corn Pickers. Harvesters. Diggers. Grain Bins. Hay Heads. Plows. Tillers. If you’re a farmer, you’ve used one of these pieces of equipment at one time or another. Chances are you’ve used all of them. Which is the most important? Every single machine has its own function and importance… Full Article

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    How Will Your Workshop Survive The Winter?

    There are benefits and drawbacks for both rigid frame and Arch buildings. Not all custom steel buildings are alike. Depending on what your needs are, you may fare better with an arch frame rather than a rigid frame. Rigid frame architecture has excellent value because you can utilize every square inch of your steel building… Full Article

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    The Best Little Horse House In Texas

    “It was the nicest little horse house you ever saw!” Texans love to ride horses, it’s part of their blood. But whether you’re in Texas or any other state in the U.S., your horses need a place to sleep, eat and play. Why not give your horses a metal building to live and play in?… Full Article

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    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask These 6 Questions About Steel Buildings

    The process for choosing and buying a steel building may seem daunting, but the fact is, it’s really rather simple; easier than buying a car or even a piece of complicated electronic equipment. While it takes some preparation and research, the right company, like Armstrong Steel, will do most of the work for you. Choosing… Full Article

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    30,000 Benefits of a Steel Building

    It’s easy to understand the benefits of a steel building; they’re inexpensive and hardly difficult to erect. An engineer, not an architect, can accomplish most of the planning and design elements for you. Another of the many benefits of a steel building is significantly greater span capacities with no interior support beams – which translates to unobstructed square footage. But… Full Article