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    What Does Your Airplane Hangar Need?

    Not all airplane hangars are alike. There is a lot to consider when constructing a prefab steel airplane hangar. The biggest difference between an airplane hangar and a plain old steel workshop is the doors. Doors on an airplane hangar have to be pretty big to accommodate the size of the plane. In turn, the… Full Article

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    Should You Consider Heavy Snow Before You Build?

    For the most part, steel buildings aren’t at risk of failing because of a single or even multiple snow events; however, snow accumulation in excess of the intended building design could lead to structural failure or collapse if basic preventative measures are not taken. Keep in mind: all properly built roofs are intended to withstand… Full Article

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    Ready to Build the Perfect Steel Garage?

    We know there are so many options when you decide to buy your first steel building, and it can be overwhelming. Once you have all the basics and get your building erected, you’re going to want to make additions! If you don’t get everything you want the first go-around, we have several suggestions about how… Full Article

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    How Will Your Workshop Survive The Winter?

    There are benefits and drawbacks for both rigid frame and Arch buildings. Not all custom steel buildings are alike. Depending on what your needs are, you may fare better with an arch frame rather than a rigid frame. Rigid frame architecture has excellent value because you can utilize every square inch of your steel building… Full Article

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    The Best Little Horse House In Texas

    “It was the nicest little horse house you ever saw!” Texans love to ride horses, it’s part of their blood. But whether you’re in Texas or any other state in the U.S., your horses need a place to sleep, eat and play. Why not give your horses a metal building to live and play in?… Full Article

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    How To Build Your Fantasy NASCAR Garage

    Whether you are storing your everyday SUV, an old classic or working on a stock car to race at your local circle track, your garage is a direct reflection of your commitment to cars. Are you organized? Do each one of your tools have a specific place on the wall? Do you wish your garage… Full Article

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    Top 10 Most Interesting Metal Buildings

    Metal buildings don’t have to be a four sided structure with uniform windows. While I respect and admire the clean lines of classic architecture, there are some buildings which deserve attention for their outrageous and one-of-a-kind architecture. The following structures are just a few of the interesting metal buildings that have caught my eye recently. 1. Experience… Full Article

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    Why Gutters are an Important Piece of Your Steel Building

    When you decide to buy a metal building, there are several design questions to answer. What color should my building be? What do I want my roof to look like? How many windows and doors do I want? Don’t forget to include gutters in your building planning. Gutters help support the integrity of foundations as… Full Article

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    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask These 6 Questions About Steel Buildings

    The process for choosing and buying a steel building may seem daunting, but the fact is, it’s really rather simple; easier than buying a car or even a piece of complicated electronic equipment. While it takes some preparation and research, the right company, like Armstrong Steel, will do most of the work for you. Choosing… Full Article