• bidding-government-projects

    6 Things a Contractor Should Consider When Bidding Government Projects

    As a contractor, one of the keys to success is diversifying your project line-up. This is important in every business, but the benefits to a construction and contracting company means that you’re able to bid on jobs you might not have considered during the slow season. Have you considered steel buildings? Project diversity provides greater… Full Article

  • Builders shaking hands

    Tips on Choosing a Professional Builder for Your First Time Project

    The greatest reward of embarking on first time building project is the idea that you are able to do the bulk of the work, from concept to completion, on your own. This is especially true of the building and construction phase of the project. Few things are more satisfying than hammering in every nail, bolting… Full Article

  • steel building quotes

    Steel Building Quotes: Get a Grasp on Prices and Estimates

    What is the first step of a steel building project, or any construction project for that matter? After you decide to add a new garage, agricultural or commercial building to your property, you’ll most likely start contacting steel building manufacturers for steel building quotes. From there, you can create a timeline for yourself and develop… Full Article

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    Why do Clinton and Trump Keep Bringing Up Foreign Steel?

    The debates are over. Come November 8th, Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. If you were one of the millions of Americans who tuned in for one of the presidential debates, you might have heard one of the candidates mention China, foreign steel issues… Full Article

  • ronq

    Get More Out of Your Steel Building Budget

    For first time builders, there might not be a more meaningful word than “budget” when it comes to your construction project. Whether your budget is a hard number or a fluid boundary, you’ll find a steel building project to be extremely affordable. Still, regardless of what you’re purchasing, there are always opportunities for cost saving… Full Article

  • piggy-bank

    5 Ways a Metal Building Can Start Saving You Money Right Away

    Pre-engineered metal buildings are the most cost-effective forms of construction on the market today. As many people already know, they are usually half the cost of other traditional construction methods, such as wood, brick or concrete, and can be erected for half the cost. While any construction project will require an investment in time and… Full Article

  • doors

    Should You Be Choosing Your Own Steel Building Accessories?

    One of the reasons first time builders choose pre-engineered metal buildings for their workshop, garage, agricultural or commercial application is the ability for complete customization. If you take the time to look at different steel buildings, you’ll see a wide range of choices. From different dimensions, paint choices and finishes, a steel building can be… Full Article

  • zzz

    7 Reasons Why Your Next Building Should Be a Steel Building

    Steel buildings are everywhere. Take a drive into a rural town or down the highway in a busy city, and you’re sure to see a steel building. Perhaps even several! In fact, the odds say you will. According to the most recent Annual Report from the Metal Building Manufacturing Association (MBMA), metal building systems account for… Full Article

  • Fitters

    The Potential Pitfalls of Purchasing a Steel Building from a Broker

    Nowadays, everything you’ve ever wanted to buy is on the internet, and it’s for sale. From cars to clothes and everything in between, it only takes a few minutes to find exactly what you need. The steel building industry is fairly similar. There are several companies, suppliers and contractors that will advertise and market their steel… Full Article