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    4 Important Factors That Will Impact Your Steel Building Cost

    For the past decade, the steel industry has undergone many transformations, and in effect it’s changed the way the construction industry views steel buildings. While the steel itself has been around for hundreds of years, designers and owners of metal buildings are seeing many increased benefits. Because of streamlined processes at manufacturers, energy saving paints… Full Article

  • newmanu

    Why Buy a Steel Building Direct from the Manufacturer?

    When you make the decision to purchase a steel building for your home, farm, business or property, you’re choosing the most flexible, durable and versatile construction solution on the planet. But while arguably the hardest decision is out of your way, you still have an opportunity to hit a few speed bumps throughout the process.… Full Article

  • JNoggleproject

    10 Reasons First Time Builders Choose Steel Buildings

    So you’re ready for more space. Sure, you could try and find room in your home for all your accumulations, but what about some of the big stuff? Are you a farmer looking to store a tractor? Are you interested in expanding your business? How about a place to park your vehicles or a spot… Full Article

  • dozer

    Getting A Steel Building While Waiting On A Permit

    Permits are usually vital for your steel building project. The permitting process is in place to ensure a steel building is designed according to your municipality’s standards with regards to safety and approved zoning plans. Most building projects in major cities including new construction, remodeling and repairs require general building permits. It’s your responsibility as a buyer and first… Full Article

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    Do You Know Where Your Steel Building Comes From?

    If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve made the decision to purchase a pre-engineered steel building. Congratulations on making a wise decision! Now, I have a few question to ask you. Do you know where your steel comes from? Do you know the difference between American steel and foreign steel from China or India? All… Full Article

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    What is a Metal Building System?

    As a first time builder, you know there’s a lot of information on metal buildings out there. What effects the price of steel? How do permits work? How do you find a concrete engineer? With all of these different questions, it’s tough to know where to start.   A metal building system is just what it sounds… Full Article

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    Are You Building Green in 2016?

    Are you building in 2016? Is it important to you to ‘build green?’ Look no further than a pre-engineered steel building. Maybe you’re interested in becoming LEED certified or are just trying to increase your energy savings. No matter what your reason is, steel is the most efficient way to ‘go green.’   Saving Resources Do… Full Article

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    5 Expert Tips for Your Steel Building Purchase

    While browsing the internet one day, I came across some wisdom from a prominent self help author. It had something to do with wise people knowing when to talk to experts, and that confidence can only take you so far. I felt this was pretty powerful because, when you break it down… it rings true. We go… Full Article

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    Wood Buildings vs. Steel Buildings: The Definitive Guide

    Have you made a choice on your building materials yet? At this stage of your planning process, you might not have an idea quite yet. But I’m impressed, because you’re actively taking an interest in finding what might be the best fit for your needs! Let’s start simple. Will you build a wood pole barn… Full Article