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  • blowroofoffchurch

    Let your Choir Blow the Roof Off Your Old Church Building

    There is nothing like the sound of a choir reverberating throughout a church sanctuary. While some say, “seeing is believing,” when it comes to the spirituality of a congregation, an amazing choir can effortlessly turn the phrase into “hearing is believing.” Now, I’m sure your choral group lets the Spirit shine on Sunday morning, however,… Full Article

  • KeepChristmasCrowd

    Is Your Church Ready For More Space?

    Every Sunday, you take in the view from your pulpit or platform, and gaze at your congregation. You hear the babies cry and spot the regular and new faces in the crowd. You are thankful in what, and who, you see during the year. Fast forward to Christmas, or Easter. Has the view changed? Most… Full Article

  • cheapchurch

    Don’t Go Cheap on your Steel Church Building

    It’s the vibration of an organ, or the ringing of bells. It might be the echo of a choir, or a resonating voice in a sanctuary. Every church possesses the ability to reach the soul of its congregation in its own way. The unique, uplifting experience provides worshipers fuel for the coming week, for overcoming… Full Article

  • eye-church

    How to Execute a Successful Metal Church Building Program

    With winter upon us, many church leaders, of all religious affiliations, take the opportunity to hunker down and spend much more time with their congregations under the same roof. While cramped quarters can reinforce fellowship, it doesn’t serve worshipers in the right way. Has your congregation spoken to you about this issue? Don’t worry, because… Full Article

  • Church congregation

    Pros & Cons of Multi-Site Churches

    If you’re a committed member of your religious community, chances are you have heard about a growing trend in the industry: the multi-site church. What exactly is that? Usually, there exists one main church campus with several satellite locations. Different sites can be in the same city, or across the country. Multi-site churches are becoming… Full Article

  • collection-plate

    Out of the Box Ways to Raise Money for Your Church

    The time has come to raise money for your church and money isn’t an easy thing to ask for. Church renovations, erecting a steel building for the youth group or sending a missionary group out of the country  all cost a lot more than you would think. Asking for money from your church is hard.… Full Article

  • beach

    How To Live Like Jesus – Take A Vacation

    Summer is upon us and for most congregations it’s a very busy time. There are BBQs, Holiday celebrations, weddings, carnivals, and of course the regular weekly sermon. It can be hectic to say the least. I’m a leader, myself, of one of the country’s largest steel building companies, so I’m well aware of the accelerated… Full Article

  • Grow Your Congregation!

    5 Marketing Tricks To Make Your Congregation Explode!

    Let’s face it, the biggest obstacle you’re going to face as a church leader when you’re ready to build a new steel church worship space, youth center or addition is money. Establishing a healthy building expansion fund requires capital. Consider raising the capital you need with a simple yet effective paradigm shift. This may strike… Full Article

  • starting-your-church

    Pastors Discuss: 7 Easy Steps to Establish & Grow Your Church

    In The Beginning…. (Genesis 1:1) It started out small; just an idea; a few informal meetings of people with similar beliefs in God. You met and exchanged ideas, you built a fellowship, people made these informal meetings part of their routine and eventually word spread; others joined; you grew. Now you have a flock and… Full Article