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  • yearendchecklist

    Year-End Checklist for Church Treasurers and Bookkeepers

    The month of December is a whirlwind for church leaders. ‘Tis the season for pastors planning extra holiday services and church staff members making the sanctuary of your custom steel church building light up like a Christmas tree. When the end of the calendar year rolls around, it can divert your attention away from some… Full Article

  • leading-volunteers

    How Pastors Can Lead Volunteers Effectively

    As a pastor or church leader, you can’t be everywhere at once. Your schedule is jam-packed with hospital visits, budget planning, writing your sermon, and all the miscellaneous tasks it takes to keep the church running smoothly. How do you get everything done? Volunteers can be the saving grace of your congregation. Of course, we… Full Article

  • spirit-of-giving

    The Season of Giving

    Let me tell you a story. Several years ago, I met a woman in church named Rachel. Appropriate name for a church-going woman, as Rachel was a character in the Bible, the mother to Joseph and Benjamin, from whom two of the Twelve Tribes of Israel originated. The Rachel I knew was quiet and reserved.… Full Article

  • cheapchurch

    Don’t Go Cheap on your Steel Church Building

    It’s the vibration of an organ, or the ringing of bells. It might be the echo of a choir, or a resonating voice in a sanctuary. Every church possesses the ability to reach the soul of its congregation in its own way. The unique, uplifting experience provides worshipers fuel for the coming week, for overcoming… Full Article

  • eye-church

    How to Execute a Successful Metal Church Building Program

    With winter upon us, many church leaders, of all religious affiliations, take the opportunity to hunker down and spend much more time with their congregations under the same roof. While cramped quarters can reinforce fellowship, it doesn’t serve worshipers in the right way. Has your congregation spoken to you about this issue? Don’t worry, because… Full Article

  • halloweensafer

    4 Ways Congregations Made Halloween Safer

    Growing up, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. What’s more fun than running around the neighborhood in your favorite costume and indulging on tons of candy? It’s easy to see why kids still love it. But for parents, it can be a scary situation, and I’m not talking about a night filled with… Full Article

  • Menchurch

    Why Are Men Not Going to Church, and How Do We Get Them Back?

    If you’re a church-going man, it seems like you might be in the minority these days. More and more in our society, and in several religious affiliations, there’s been a decline in the number of men attending church. Is there really an explanation for this? Next Sunday morning, take a look to the pews beside,… Full Article

  • 5136010308_9e1f5123e2_z

    Churches Across U.S. Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence

    Pink Ribbons, Purple T-shirts, and 5K runs have become synonymous with October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month share the advocacy stage as the leaves turn color around the country. While it’s our responsibility to always donate to charity and support folks in need, this month we bring more attention to these… Full Article

  • Church congregation

    Pros & Cons of Multi-Site Churches

    If you’re a committed member of your religious community, chances are you have heard about a growing trend in the industry: the multi-site church. What exactly is that? Usually, there exists one main church campus with several satellite locations. Different sites can be in the same city, or across the country. Multi-site churches are becoming… Full Article