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    Grow Your Congregation With An Internal Social Media Platform

    As the influence of social media continues to grow outside of the walls of the steel building church, it’s time to start thinking of implementing an internal social media to grow your church internally. How would your congregation grow if they could communicate to each other through a private, internal network designed just for them?… Full Article

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    4 Essentials for Church Revitalization

    A church revitalization does not come easy or in a short amount of time. In order to grow your church, you’ve got to put in work. Do you want to grow your congregation, or maybe erect a new metal church building? Just like with any aspect of life, you get what you give. Luckily, there… Full Article

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    Out of the Box Ways to Raise Money for Your Church

    The time has come to raise money for your church and money isn’t an easy thing to ask for. Church renovations, erecting a steel building for the youth group or sending a missionary group out of the country  all cost a lot more than you would think. Asking for money from your church is hard.… Full Article

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    Healing with Horses: A Closer Look At Hippotherapy

    Equestrian buildings are quite popular with Armstrong Steel customers. Sometimes these steel buildings are used as a barndominium (a barn/condo combination), other times they serve as a simple tack room and stable, and some of these structures serve a much greater purpose – they help build a bond between horse and human that benefits both.… Full Article

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    Should Your Church Count on Numbers?

    Keeping track of numbers may not seem like the most rewarding job of a pastor, and sometimes churches that consider revenue generation or increasing attendance a priority are accused of being proud or boastful; but like secular organizations, it’s important for churches to keep track of revenue and even promote income generation and greater participation.… Full Article

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    8 Good Qualities of A Church New Hire

    It’s a challenge to add a new person to an already stellar team. When it comes to choosing someone to lead, manage, and entrust your church to, it’s important to select the perfect person. Don’t add just anyone to your team. Make sure the new candidate adheres to each of these 8 qualities: 1. Faith Does… Full Article

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    How To Live Like Jesus – Take A Vacation

    Summer is upon us and for most congregations it’s a very busy time. There are BBQs, Holiday celebrations, weddings, carnivals, and of course the regular weekly sermon. It can be hectic to say the least. I’m a leader, myself, of one of the country’s largest steel building companies, so I’m well aware of the accelerated… Full Article

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    Five Established Models For Multi-Site Church Ministry

    Recently, I wrote about ways to expand your church congregation as a means to grow your church building expansion fund. But when it comes time to build your new location, you may want to consider an emerging trend in managing and maximizing your message – the concept of multi-site fellowship. The trend started in the mid-80’s… Full Article