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    Has Your Business Revenue Flatlined? There’s Still Hope.

    You’ve seen those hospital dramas on TV, right? Sometimes, when they rush a patient into the ER, you, as the viewer, are given a first-person understanding of what the ‘victim’ is going through. Surrounded by doctors and nurses, the sight of the viewer is hazy and unclear, trapped in a state of semi-consciousness. The sights… Full Article

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    Fire Yourself From Your Own Small Business

    Your small business is your livelihood. It might be your hobby, your passion or your obsession, and you’ll never forget how it started. Maybe it was only three employees in your parents’ garage, or a stand in a small marketplace. You found a niche in the industry, and provided a product or service that people… Full Article

  • customized metal building

    How Paying Rent is Holding Back Your Business Growth

    If you’re a small business owner, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the commercial landscape makes it seem like you’re not so small after all. In fact, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, your business is among 22 million other small businesses in the country, vying for a chance to strengthen and… Full Article

  • Whyideasdontmatter

    Why Your Ideas Don’t Matter

    Yes, you read that right. Your ideas don’t matter. Not what you expected? Keep reading and I’ll explain. Small business owners across the country are always looking to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ Armed with a healthy dose of the entrepreneurial spirit, many success seekers want to drop the ‘small’ connotation and grow their business into… Full Article

  • interview

    10 Questions You Can’t Ask During Interviews

    As a small business owner, you want to hire the best people. During job interviews at your custom steel building, it’s your job to learn everything you can about the people you want to bring on board. But, are you asking all the right questions? Or even worse, could you be asking the wrong ones… Full Article

  • taxtips

    End-of-the-Year Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

    The end of the calendar year can be an important time for a small business owner. It’s not too late to take steps to reduce your end-of-year tax bill. If you are fiscally responsible, you can maximize deductions and put yourself on a path to saving money. Even though tax season is not until mid-April,… Full Article

  • sb-next-level

    6 Ways to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

    From the very moment you wake up in the morning, you’re inundated with marketing, advertising, and consumerism from every angle. Think about it. You turn on the TV and see countless commercials trying to sell just about everything you can imagine. The radio is full of the same. On your morning commute, you pass by… Full Article

  • shakehands

    Successfully Handing Off Your Family Business to the Next Generation

    Family businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. They help communities flourish, pay taxes and most importantly, they create jobs. But not all of them last. Have you ever heard of the old cultural proverb, “Going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations?” In China, it’s, “peasant shoes to peasant shoes,” and the British… Full Article