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  • navydrawings

    How do Building Codes and Permits Work?

    Life is about decisions. Make the wrong or right decision and you’ll face the consequences. The same can be said of the building process. You’ll make decisions, some of which you’ll be responsible for, and others will come with the territory. The decisions you’re responsible for start with the basic ones, like, “should I build… Full Article

  • rust

    How Do You Protect Your Steel Building from Rust?

    Steel is one of the most durable, flexible and energy efficient building materials on the planet. It might be the perfect building material for you. Think about it – steel buildings can be assembled quickly, are cost-efficient and extremely versatile. Steel buildings are designed to withstand the elements. Fire, rain, wind, snow and more natural… Full Article

  • oilcan111

    What is ‘Oil Canning?’ How Can It Affect a Steel Building?

    You did it. You finally built your new steel building. Now the business that you started in a small room with 10 people has finally grown and expanded. Now the workshop you’ve wanted for the last 30 years is finally standing. You’re on top of the world and ready to work even harder. Maybe you’re… Full Article

  • collateral

    What are Metal Building Collateral Loads?

    Next time you walk into a building, any building mind you, do me a favor and look up at the ceiling. What do you think you’ll see? Duct work, ceiling fans, sprinklers, lights or any kind of mechanical systems, right? While these accessories and systems seem like an afterthought, it’s actually always on the forefront… Full Article

  • ebay

    Don’t Buy a Steel Building on eBay!

    I was on the phone with a buddy of mine the other day. It’s the same conversation you’ve had with your friends before. We had a quick chat about our wives, kids and careers. He asked me how my job was going, having recalled I worked in the steel building industry. That’s when he said… Full Article

  • shutterstock_133470029

    Are You a “Barn-Again” Farmer?

    You’ve heard of the ‘born-again Christian’, right? For those people that believe, it’s a term that Protestants use to describe the phenomenon of gaining their faith later in life, or someone achieving their spirituality in a religion different than what they grew up believing. But I’m asking you if you’re a “barn-again’ farmer? No, I’m… Full Article

  • heresford

    What’s the Easiest Way to Buy a Steel Building?

    I get it. I really do. Everyone in the country wants ‘easy.’ It’s the reason why fast food is so popular. Evidently you can learn a language in 10 days now, or so an advertiser would have you believe. We’ve got robot vacuum cleaners, grocery store delivery services, online degree programs and the ability to… Full Article

  • hiddendanger2

    The Hidden Danger of the Cheapest Steel Building Price

    Picture this scenario with me. I was recently standing in line at a local supply store, just waiting to check out. That’s when I saw it, just sitting in a case near the front of the store. Like many local auto shops and general stores, several items lay in rows at the checkout area, just… Full Article

  • coatings

    Steel Building Coatings Explained

    I often like to tell people that steel buildings are some of the most flexible, durable building solutions on the market today. Thousands of people choose to build with steel every year because of its strength, energy efficiency and cost savings. When it comes to your current or future steel building, you want to make… Full Article