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  • moneyhands

    The Secret to Scoring the Best Price on a Steel Building

    Whether you’re looking for a new sturdy barn for your farm, a place to park your classic cars and trucks, or a space to work on your hobbies and pet projects, a steel building is the complete solution to your desires. As with any purchase, you’re looking to get the most for your money. Since… Full Article

  • erector

    How to Pick the Best Steel Building Erector in 4 Easy Steps

    When you decide to buy a steel building, there are many important steps you must take to ensure you get the building of your dreams. If you decide to build a garage or workshop, you might want to erect the building yourself. But if this is a huge project, then one of the most crucial… Full Article

  • perfect steel workshop

    How to Plan for the Perfect Steel Workshop

    The perfect workshop has many uses. It’s the ideal man cave or ‘lady lair.’ For the car enthusiast, it’s extra space to hunker down and put more concentration on alternators, drive shafts and transmissions. For the carpenter, it’s a place to work on wood and other crafts. It’s definitely a place to store your tools,… Full Article

  • expertsguidefreight

    The Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Shipping and Freight

    In your mind, what’s the best part of a metal building purchase? Is it seeing your vision on paper for the first time? What about the ability to make additions in the design process, or finally erecting the building? When does the project take shape and come alive for you? Many of the people I… Full Article

  • New-Tools-of-the-Trade-Temp

    What’s the Easiest Way to Stay Safe on the Job? We’ve Got the Answer

    Each month, we’ll highlight a hand tool, power tool or anything specifically used in the erection of an Armstrong Steel Building system. We’ll talk about what these tools are used for, and how they’re used on your steel building. We really can’t stress the term, ‘Safety First’ enough. In the first page of our erection… Full Article

  • road6

    The Road to your Own Steel Building Starts in 2015

    The New Year is upon us, and I personally can’t wait to get started. There’s something special about this month and it invigorates me. Maybe it’s the feel of a new beginning, or an inherent positive outlook that this month brings along with it. Either way, I’m choosing to embrace it. But I’m not just… Full Article

  • elvert

    Don’t Let Labor Shortages Affect Your Bottom Line

    Ever so slowly, the construction industry is recovering from the economic collapse in 2008. In several areas across the country, a lack of skilled workers has been driving up the price of construction. While it’s not true everywhere in the U.S., a survey of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) national membership in June… Full Article

  • permitdrawings

    The Direct Buy Process: What are Permit Drawings?

    If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance you have some questions about the Direct Buy Process, and how to steer yourself through a steel building purchase. It’s our desire to help you with every part of the process, ultimately guiding you to your dream building. To make it easy on you, we… Full Article

  • trap1

    The Cheapest Metal Buildings are, Often Times, a Trap

    First time builders, buyers, and shoppers are savvier than ever in 2014. Businesses are constantly coming out with new ways to influence consumers, and at the same time, those consumers are finding new ways to gauge the marketplace and compare brands and services. With just a few seconds on a smartphone or tablet, you can… Full Article

  • New-Tools-of-the-Trade-Temp

    Tools of the Trade: Hammer Time!

    Armstrong Steel is adding a new feature to the First Time Builders Blog, called Tools of the Trade. Each month, we’ll highlight a hand tool, power tool or anything specifically used in the erection of an Armstrong Steel Building system. We’ll talk about what these tools are used for, and how they are used on… Full Article