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  • tomweld2

    Leveraging Factory Direct Pricing for Your Steel Building Project

    The origins of the metal building history date back nearly 100 years. In the 20th century, steel companies began to mass-produce agricultural buildings, usually used as grain and feed bins. During World War II, arch-framed buildings, like Quonset or Nissan huts, were extremely prevalent for barracks and maintenance sheds because they were lightweight and could be… Full Article

  • dozer

    Getting A Steel Building While Waiting On A Permit

    Permits are usually vital for your steel building project. The permitting process is in place to ensure a steel building is designed according to your municipality’s standards with regards to safety and approved zoning plans. Most building projects in major cities including new construction, remodeling and repairs require general building permits. It’s your responsibility as a buyer and first… Full Article

  • metal building construction project

    How to Save Money on Your Next Metal Building Construction Project

    Metal buildings are the most durable type of structure in the industry. They hold up against inclement weather, strong winds, heavy snowfall and earthquakes. They even can combat fire, mold and pesky insects like termites. In fact, they are engineered for your specific area. You’re probably thinking,“yeah, yeah, but quality like that isn’t cheap.” Which is… Full Article

  • steelprices1

    Good News: Steel Prices Are Low…For Now

    2015 was a great year for steel building buyers. Steel prices were at an all-time low, and many customers were able to get the pre-engineered steel building of their dreams at the best prices the industry has seen. But 2016 and beyond brings potential unsettling news for steel building shoppers. Currently, economists forecast that the… Full Article

  • learnfrompros

    Learn From The Pros: 4 Tips For A Speedy Steel Building Project

    It’s true, pre-engineered steel buildings are generally half the cost of traditional construction methods, and can be erected in half the time. While there are multiple steps to any steel building project, if you want a project to be as efficient as possible, you’ll need to put some work in yourself. Keep in mind, you don’t… Full Article

  • spedometer-w-line

    Tips to Accelerate Your Steel Building Project

    Something pretty neat happens in the next month. The weather gets nicer as we turn the corner from winter to spring, and people start to emerge from their houses, subdivisions, farms and properties with renewed excitement. It’s the time to head out to your kids’ ball games, time to dust off your old running shoes,… Full Article

  • erector

    How to Pick the Best Steel Building Erector in 4 Easy Steps

    When you decide to buy a steel building, there are many important steps you must take to ensure you get the building of your dreams. If you decide to build a garage or workshop, you might want to erect the building yourself. But if this is a huge project, then one of the most crucial… Full Article

  • New-Tools-of-the-Trade-Temp

    What’s the Easiest Way to Stay Safe on the Job? We’ve Got the Answer

    Each month, we’ll highlight a hand tool, power tool or anything specifically used in the erection of an Armstrong Steel Building system. We’ll talk about what these tools are used for, and how they’re used on your steel building. We really can’t stress the term, ‘Safety First’ enough. In the first page of our erection… Full Article

  • New-Tools-of-the-Trade-Temp

    Tools of the Trade: Hammer Time!

    Armstrong Steel is adding a new feature to the First Time Builders Blog, called Tools of the Trade. Each month, we’ll highlight a hand tool, power tool or anything specifically used in the erection of an Armstrong Steel Building system. We’ll talk about what these tools are used for, and how they are used on… Full Article