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*additional charges may apply


*additional charges may apply


Advantages of Steel

#1 Building For Do It Yourselfers

Steel Buildings have many advantages that make them the most appealing solution when it comes to needing space. All our parts are numbered to correspond with the erection drawings so assembly is very straight forward.

The majority of our customers choose to put their metal building systems together themselves because our pre-cut parts and pre-drilled holes greatly reduce on site construction time, which opens the door to additional savings.

More Steel Building Benefits


Are you Eligible for Direct Pricing on a Steel Building?

In order to qualify to participate in Armstrong's DirectBuy program, you must be able to place a deposit to lock in your steel price and accept delivery of the building in a timely manner, however you may choose to delay the delivery of your steel building system under special circumstances. Ask your project manager for details.

Questions about costs? Price your steel building above or call 800-345-4610 to speak with a steel building expert.

More about Buying Direct

You may be eligible for Direct Pricing if:

  • You have your financing in place OR
  • You know what size building you want OR
  • You have land​ or somewhere to store your delivered building components OR
  • You're prepared to place a small deposit to secure your steel price and begin working on drawings with your project manager


Buying Direct through Armstrong Steel

Through the powerful Armstrong Direct Buy program, those eligible are also able to benefit in a couple of different ways. The most popular types of buildings purchased through the Armstrong Direct Buy Program involve folks who are willing to manage some of their own project.

Armstrong's Direct Buy program allows people with financing and land already in place to take advantage of steep direct buy discounts. Armstrong gives clients the opportunity to take advantage of direct pricing associated with additional building components (doors, windows, insulation) as well. All that's required is a small deposit to lock in your steel price.

More About Direct Buy Program

Two Ways to Purchase:

Direct Pricing Purchase Retail Purchase

Also known as Armstrong's DirectBuy Program, this option is great for business owners and/or builders looking to realize significant savings and take advantage of lower price points.

More on DirectBuy Eligibility

An option for those seeking a more hands on, full service approach. Retail purchasers tend to prefer a local dealer, have the budget and desire for a complete full service approach and don't necessarily mind a higher price point.

More on Retail Purchases

Rising Steel Prices

Rising Steel Prices

With favorable pricing available through Armstrong's DirectBuy program and Authorized Builders, many business owners are deciding now is the time to build. Luckily, through Armstrong Steel, you can capitalize on historic price levels and freeze them in their tracks.

Although your final pricing is influenced by a variety of factors, all Armstrong Building Systems are backed by a fifty year structural warranty, ensuring you're provided the finest building on the market at competitively low prices.

More On Rising Steel Prices

How are Steel Prices Determined?


Tips for First Time Builders

For many small business owners, more space translates to more revenues. Pre-existing space is sometimes difficult to find and often the biggest obstacle to expanding your business.

Fortunately, Armstrong Steel offers building design services free of charge. This service helps small business owners and contractors design and build a space suited for their needs and helps get them on the right track to growing.

More Tips For First Time Builders

How do I lock in my Steel Price?
How do I lock in my steel price and get started?
  • The Denver Botanic Gardens
  • United Way
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Children's Diabetes Foundation
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Project Angel Heart
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Dumb Friends League

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