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    Debunking the Myth That Steel Buildings Cost More

    Over the years, your attached garage fills up with ‘stuff.’ Your house just can’t fit all the items you’ve collected over the years. Your business is bursting at the seams, and you’re running out of room for all your products and inventory. Pure and simple, you need more space. Where do you start? First, you want… Full Article

  • House

    Metal Building Homes Guide: It’s Easier Than You Think

    We often talk about the benefits of a steel building as it relates to a business or a storage warehouse, but did you know a pre-engineered metal building can be a great home as well? Modern home buyers want to get the most value for their money and it’s understandable since we’ve slowly been climbing… Full Article

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    Words & Phrases Steel Building Shoppers Should Know Before Diving In

    Nobody ever wants to walk into a purchase blindfolded. Why enter any endeavor without all, or most of the facts? At least gather enough information to make an informed decision. The same can easily and obviously be said when it comes to a pre-engineered steel building purchase. If you’re thinking about purchasing a pre-engineered steel building,… Full Article

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    The 5 Most Effective Habits of Successful Steel Building Projects

    Starting a steel building project shouldn’t be hard. This is your dream steel building, the one you’ll own for 50 years and may even pass along to your family. Still, a pre-engineered steel building project is a bit more complicated than a Tuff Shed or lumber package like the one you’re accustomed to seeing at… Full Article

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    Will You Be Affected By Rising Steel Prices in 2016?

    As a consumer and first time builder, your role in any purchase is simple: begin to research the product you’d like to buy and the companies that offer it, then ultimately decide on the best fit for you when it comes to constraints such as scope, cost and schedule. Sometimes, those boundaries are straightforward. When… Full Article

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    What Do You Absolutely Need to Know about Pole Barns?

    Are you trying to decide between a pole barn and a pre-engineered steel building? It can be a difficult decision if you don’t do any research. You may not even know the difference between the two and that’s OK right now. As a first time builder, you’re probably just starting to do some research so you… Full Article

  • metal buildings

    So You’re New to Metal Buildings? This is What You Need to Know

    According to the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association, “Metal building systems now account for over 50% of new low-rise, non-residential buildings in the U.S.” If you’re reading this, I assume you have noticed this trend – and maybe that means you’re interested in making your next building a metal building. Let’s get one thing straight right… Full Article

  • nco

    50 Reasons to go Pre-Engineered!

    Are you shopping for a new metal building? Are you looking for a new workshop or garage for your property? If you are unsure of what material to build with, take a look at some of the reasons to build a pre-engineered metal building. New Technology, New Designs – When you build with steel, you aren’t limited… Full Article

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    Take a Tour of a Pre-engineered Metal Building!

    New experiences can be scary, but they can also be extremely helpful in the learning process. The first day of school, your first time behind the wheel of a car, and the day you met your significant other’s parents were all scary experiences…at first. After that initial meeting, you learned how to turn these foreign… Full Article

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    Debunking Three Myths – The Whole Darn Pole Barn Truth

    Since the days that mankind left the caves and started building stand-alone structures, we’ve always been dancing that delicate dance between cost and function. In the beginning, resources were scarce, so the cost of a building meant a reduction in firewood, or time, or land. Today, the resource we’re probably most concerned about (other than… Full Article