Why Armstrong Steel?

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Why Armstrong Steel?

Saving people money to help them live better was the goal our founder envisioned when he established Armstrong Steel Corporation. We continue to deliver that promise to business owners, builders, engineers, developers, corporate purchasing directors, congregations, homeowners and architects. It's the focus that underlies everything we do at Armstrong. We know that price matters to our customers, whether they live in the United States, Central America, or Canada. That's why we offer the best quality steel buildings at the lowest prices to all of our clients. We also look at savings that go beyond our steel building prices. For example, we are working with our suppliers to introduce more energy efficient products that save customers money for years to come.

Armstrong Steel clients keep coming back because they know they will find the lowest prices around on the buildings that match their lifestyle. Saving money is a means to helping our customers live better. By offering the best possible prices on the steel buildings our customers need, we can help them afford something a little extra.

We also see opportunities to help people live better beyond the walls of our steel buildings. That is why we support causes that are important to our communities, like education, and why we are working hard to do our part in protecting our planet and conserving natural resources for generations to come. By working closely with our communities and suppliers, we can reach beyond just our customers to help improve the lives of people around the globe. Saving people money so they can live better is at the heart of everything we do. Simply put, helping people live better is more than something we do, it's who we are.

Like all things in life, steel buildings have considerable details and information to review. We at Armstrong Steel encourage you to use our website's resources to educate yourself on the specifics of pre-engineered steel buildings. If you have further questions, we invite you to call a Building Expert at 800-345-4610.


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Steel Buildings vs. Traditional Construction

We don't adhere to the same standards as the competition. One of the hallmarks of our team is that we are committed to constant design improvement. We obsess over every member, every connection plate, and every weld in your building so you don't have to. You don't see that effort...until you erect the building and then it ALL makes sense. 'THIS is why I bought an Armstrong Building!'
Authorized Armstrong Builders have access to one of the most unique and powerful building systems ever created. See how an Armstrong Steel Building System compares to traditional construction:

Armstrong's Building System

50 yr structural warranty

Armstrong Steel Building Systems are among the last 50 year warranty buildings available on the market today.

40 yr paint warranty

Armstrong's paint warranty gives builders a greater degree of peace of mind, and typically means a more attractive building for years to come.

35 yr roof warranty

Armstrong has a 35-year rust through perforation warranty on the roof.

Conventional Construction

50 yr structural warranty

Conventional construction generally is not accompanied by any sort of structural warranty whatsoever.

NO paint warranty

Without baked on paint coatings, conventional builders are using less superior finishes which, in turn, can result in a less appealing structure down the road.

NO roof warranty

Conventional construction generally is not accompanied by any sort of roof warranty as wood roofing materials don't stand up to the elements like steel.

Not only is Armstrong Steel the most trusted name in Steel Building Systems, but you can also secure your steel order and lock in your slot in engineering. Learn more about locking in your steel order in our next section.