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Locking in Your Steel Order

Armstrong Steel provides qualified customers with a simple way to take advantage of lower steel prices and freeze their steel order with a small engineering payment. Steel is a commodity that behaves similarly to other commodities such as oil. Consumers often times find it difficult to grasp the concept of steel prices rising and falling because steel price fluctuations aren't front and center on the news like oil which causes gas prices to fluctuate wildly, all the while steadily increasing.

Steel prices, like any commodity, are ultimately influenced by supply and demand. Oil prices increase because of factors that are reported on national news like wars, pipeline shutdowns and the summer driving season. Steel prices also react to decreased supply and increased demand but its factors are often not on the news. When the tsunami hit Japan, steel prices were affected. When steel manufacturing facilities go on strike around the world, steel prices are affected. When construction season comes around, steel prices are affected. When the need for steel increases, the global supply goes down which in turn causes a spike in steel prices around the world. The current economic climate makes now a great time for builders to take advantage of the numerous financial benefits provided by Armstrong Steel.

Armstrong Steel has long been the largest and most recognized pre-engineered building supplier in the United States. Thousands of people contact Armstrong Steel every month! We have the buying power in the industry necessary to guarantee your steel order regardless of market conditions. Unforeseen events can cause steel prices to skyrocket but Armstrong Steel offers its clients access to extraordinary buying power.

Builders want to do business with a name they can trust because it just doesn't make sense to take a risk. Many internet based companies are nothing more than a website and ultimately, you really don't know who you're working with. Don't risk your investment! Take advantage of the low prices provided by Armstrong Steel.

How's It Work?

With a very modest engineering payment you can lock in your steel order and Armstrong's purchasing power protects you from the volatile steel market for 90 days. This is a huge advantage in today's market and something that smaller steel building outfits are not able to do. Be very selective and don't risk your project with just anyone.


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Steel Order Secured


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Two Great Purchasing Options:

DirectBuy Program

Often called "Direct Pricing", Armstrong's DirectBuy program is great for folks who are looking to realize significant savings on the steel itself and select their own components locally or from the direct pricing catalog.

More on Buying Direct

Retail Building Purchase

An option for those who seek a more hands off, full-service approach. Call your Building Expert at corporate headquarters for further assistance.

The current economic climate makes now a great time for many folks to take advantage of Armstrong's low price guarantee.

Direct Buy Eligibility

Typically, you can qualify if you have your financing in place, know what you want, have a place to store your delivered building, and are prepared to place a deposit to secure your steel order.

It really isn't difficult to qualify to participate in Armstrong's DirectBuy program. One of the biggest benefits to Armstrong's DirectBuy program is access to a project manager who, for lack of a better term, will hold your hand and walk you through this process step by step.

You'll have access to Armstrong's Direct Pricing Catalog and receive special pricing not only for steel but on building components such as doors, windows, insulations, etc.

It is important to note that in order to receive Armstrong's Direct Pricing Catalog, you must hold an existing order with us.

Once approved to participate in Armstrong's DirectBuy program, your journey does not stop there. Learn more about helpful tips and guidelines in our next section.