A Unique Commercial Venture in Evergreen, Colorado

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Chris' amazing complex commercial space.

A Unique Commercial Venture in Evergreen, Colorado

In the heart of Evergreen, Colorado, Chris found himself on the hunt for a distinctive commercial space unlike any other. With a vision for a modern, versatile property that stood out from the rest, he embarked on a search for a building that could bring his dream to life.

"This property and building became available when it was still unfinished and it was perfect for what I needed.”

From the very first call, Chris felt reassured by Armstrong Steel's professionalism and dedication to understanding his vision. He was impressed by their ability to handle every aspect of the project internally, without the need for a middleman. Knowing that his project required intricate design and attention to detail, Chris was pleasantly surprised with Armstrong’s design and materials.


Located in Evergreen, Colorado

"Armstrong takes a lot of responsibility for doing the changes and understanding what you need," Chris remarked, reflecting on the seamless collaboration between his vision and the expertise of the Armstrong team.

“I like it when you call Armstrong, the same guy answers the phone. When you're working on a specific project, that's what you want. You don't want to have to re-explain everything every time. It's the same in our world, having somebody who is a specific project manager for your project is key."

Armstrong Steel, a steel building manufacturer known for taking on challenging projects with ease, had no problems with the unique angles and design of the space. A two-story, four-unit commercial rental space with complex angles and a unique design that many other steel building companies would not have even bothered to work on.

"The feedback, you know, with our visibility to the interstate, a lot of people see it. There's been tremendous interest in it.”

The building itself is a masterpiece, boasting a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal that perfectly suited Chris's vision. With roll-up doors of varying sizes and spacious units on both levels, the building exuded a sense of grandeur that set it apart from traditional commercial spaces.

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Chris' unique and functional commercial steel building project.

"The building itself is right around 9,000 total square feet finished. It's big. It feels big because it's so tall, it feels bigger. That is why a steel building is perfect for this type of use"

Despite the complexity of the design, delivery and assembly were a breeze, thanks to Armstrong Steel's meticulous planning and attention to detail. Chris and his team were able to unload and assemble the building with ease, thanks to the clear labeling and organization of the materials.

"The Armstrong team was really quick and really accurate about designing the building to suit our needs," Chris noted, highlighting the efficiency and precision with which Armstrong Steel executed the project.

With the success of his first project under his belt, Chris is already looking ahead to future endeavors. Armed with the knowledge that Armstrong Steel is the partner he can rely on to bring his vision to life, he eagerly anticipates the next chapter in his journey of creating unique, innovative commercial spaces in Evergreen, Colorado.