Armstrong Steel Simply Delivered When the Other Company Couldn’t

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 "Everything that Armstrong said that they would do, they did"

Armstrong Steel Simply Delivered When the Other Company Couldn't

Dave and Tina, residents of Fort Lupton, Colorado, embarked on a journey to secure a steel building for their expanding business. After enduring countless delays and disappointments with a metal building company out of Grand Junction, Colorado, they found themselves in dire need of a reliable solution. It was then that Dave made the pivotal decision to reach out to Armstrong Steel.

"After I purchased from the other company and I knew that they were not going to deliver, I was just continuously getting delays. I found Armstrong; I was looking for a real manufacturer this time. I was in a panic because I was under contract to have this building done at a certain time. When I approached Armstrong, everybody there was very helpful, and they told me that they would get me the building and they gave me a lead time. And they delivered on that lead time," Dave recalled, highlighting the frustration they faced before Armstrong stepped in

"All the problems we had with the other company that we started with, we didn't have any of those problems with Armstrong. And in fact, this building was already erected when that other building finally arrived, after years of delays," Dave emphasized, reflecting on the stark contrast between their experiences.

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"When I ordered the building from Armstrong, I just gave them the requirements that I needed. They sketched things out, sent it to me, I gave them my approval, and that's all I had to do," Dave explained, praising Armstrong's efficiency and streamlined process.

With Armstrong's assistance, Dave and Tina's vision for a spacious, functional building became a reality. "The dimensions of the building are 50x100x16. The building is 5,000 square feet. This half of the building that we're utilizing for office space," Dave shared, highlighting the versatility of their new structure.

"The building was divided into half, which we lease off the other half to a company, and we're utilizing this half," Dave continued, outlining their plans for maximizing the space.

"A steel building was far more durable for the weather and they look nice. We wanted to make sure that we had overhead doors that were tall enough to bring a truck in front and back entrances," Dave elaborated, emphasizing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their new building.

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Throughout the process, Armstrong's dedication to customer satisfaction shone through. "If I had a question because I did have a lot of questions, Armstrong was quick to respond, so communication was great," Dave commended, highlighting Armstrong's responsiveness and commitment to addressing their concerns.

"You actually got us a building,” Tina remarked. “We already heard this spiel before from the other company. 'Oh, we're there, we have your back, we have the building, we have everything that you need,' but then they never showed up with it. As I said before, Armstrong was there for us," Dave emphasized, expressing gratitude for Armstrong's reliability and accountability.

"What I would say to other potential customers is you need to know who you're purchasing from. This is a big purchase, and you need a company that is going to be there when they say they're going to be there. That's the biggest thing. Everything that Armstrong said that they would do, they did, and at the price, they said they were going to do it at," Dave and Tina advised, underscoring the importance of choosing a trustworthy partner for such a significant investment.

With their faith in steel building manufacturers restored, Dave and Tina look forward to future collaborations with Armstrong Steel. "We're going to continue using Armstrong for our future builds. It was a really good experience for us," Dave affirmed, confident in Armstrong's ability to deliver exceptional results time and time again.