Rancher Chooses Steel after a Fire Destroys Her Wood Framed Barn

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Rancher Chooses Steel after a Fire Destroys Her Wood Framed Barn

“Hi, I’m Ginny Vinson. I’m from Black Forest Colorado, and I bought an Armstrong Steel building. We obviously lost our house in the Black Forest fire of 2013, on June 11th. We did have a steel building before, but it was wood framed, so it burned.”


“I started doing some research online, did some price comparisons with Armstrong Steel and a couple of other builders out there. Basically Armstrong Steel had the best price for what I was looking for,” said Ginny.

“We raise cattle and sheep and horses. We even show horses and show sheep. It’s nice to have a barn where we can put them inside when they start lambing and calving to keep them out of the elements. Mostly the sheep and the cows when they have babies, we put them inside when the weather is bad,” said Ginny. “It’s a peace of mind to know that I have a good building that I can put them in to keep them dry and warm.”

“I actually helped bring this barn up,” said James Vinson, Ginny’s son. “We had Scott, myself, and two other guys here, so there was 4 guys here. I think we got the barn done in 2 weeks.”


“I watched a lot of steel and iron workers and these guys work. I know how fast these buildings can go up. I wasn’t real surprised that it went up that fast. I’m glad it did,” said Ginny.

“I like steel buildings because they are more durable. The horse can’t chew them up. They are easy to maintain.”


“Talked to several people when we were in the process of buying the barn and doing it that I was buying from Armstrong Steel. I actually gave out your company phone number out to people. Armstrong has good prices on their barns.

“I would recommend people buy from Armstrong. They have a good product.”