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A business expansion isn’t complete without the help of Armstrong Steel.

River Raider Off-Road & Hauk Designs Chooses Armstrong Steel

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Kenny H. of Chambersburg, PA was like many red-blooded Americans, spending many years in the construction field building homes. But Kenny’s true passion was off-roading, especially in his Jeep Wrangler. Still, he found that many of the parts he wanted to insert into his Wrangler were poor quality, so he quickly began fashioning his own parts in his parents garage. It didn’t take long until friends and family members started asking Kenny to make custom parts for their vehicles. Quickly, River Raiders Off Road was born.

“We started off as a small company about 10 years ago. We saw dramatic growth after more and more people wanted high quality, custom Jeep parts.”

River Raider Off Road & Hauk Designs produces armor and accessories for Jeep enthusiasts, and it has quickly grown into a premier Jeep components manufacturer. When Kenny was looking to expand, his search for a steel building started on shaky ground.

“I was totally screwed by another steel building company that went out of business. Mammoth Steel took my deposit and ran off. That company was just a broker. They didn’t actually do anything.”

“As Kenny continued his search, he mentioned he searched the internet for a steel building provider,” said Ethan Chumley, Armstrong Steel Founder and CEO. “The problem with the internet is that sometimes you can wind up talking to the wrong company and not even know it. We didn’t want to see Kenny make that mistake. Armstrong Steel is the manufacturer. Pre-engineered steel buildings are our passion, just as Jeeps are his. As an AEV Rubicon owner myself, I was thrilled to be a part of his expansion efforts.”

“I went with Armstrong Steel because they are the safe choice,” said Kenny. “You have a great reputation.”


Before customers make the easy decision to build with Armstrong Steel, they energetically engage in research. Armstrong offers educational material and resources on our website for first time builders, church leaders, contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

“I checked out Armstrong’s website, and I was able to talk to a number of their clients. That was extremely satisfying. The pricing checked out, so we decided to go with them,” said Kenny.

Armstrong Steel quickly got to work on his 40x90 jeep steel building workshop to go directly into the Cumberland Valley. Kenny approved the design and was able to coordinate an efficient delivery window for his building project. For Kenny, it was a new steel building for his flourishing jeep fabrication and design business.

“The process was extremely straightforward, and the delivery went very smooth.”

“Construction projects always have so many different moving parts,” said Kitty Uhle, Armstrong Steel Director of Client Services. “To hear that a project went smoothly is one of the best compliments we can get. Buying a metal building should be a stress-free procedure, and that’s our goal for every customer.”


There’s another expression that starts with, “It’s not every day that…” However, it IS every day that Armstrong is able to assist a first time builder find their dream building, or a pastor choose a durable metal building solution for his or her congregation. For Kenny, it was a new auto workshop for his growing business.

“We’ve got a great building, and we’re continuing on the path to expansion,” said Kenny. “We use three garage bays where we work on our trucks and jeeps. The other half is a showroom and interior office spaces. I liked the fact we had the power to fully customize the building to our provisions. It was a blank slate; we could do anything we wanted to do.”

“Kenny pursued his passion and has instantly become the new standard in the custom Jeep aftermarket parts industry,” said Ethan Chumley. “His narrative mirrors my own to some extent, as well as several others successful entrepreneurs who have started a lucrative business in his garage, and grew it into a effective business. Focusing on quality workmanship is key to success. I’m elated to hear an Armstrong building played a small part in River Raider Off Road & Hauk Designs growth."

That’s the Armstrong Steel solution. It can be yours as well.