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The Cobra Kai Hangar (above) was a referral from another satisfied Armstrong customer.

Moore: I'm Glad I Chose Armstrong Steel

"I'm in the aviation industry and my dad's worked with metal buildings for over twenty years. We love our Armstrong Steel Building. Armstrong wasn't the cheapest but, bottom line, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Going with the cheapest always winds up costing more in the long run. I'm glad I chose Armstrong Steel and that's why I insisted my friend Martin, who owns a flight academy [Cobra Kai], call them for his hangar too," says Brian Moore of Moore Aviation.

Brian's friend, Martin, wanted an airport hangar to house the flight academy’s fleet of small planes. Like many customers, Martin was referred to Armstrong Steel by a previous customer who was satisfied with the service and product he received from the Armstrong team. He didn’t waste time shopping around on the internet. Martin knows the internet can be deceiving and his project wasn’t something he wanted to risk in the hands of an unknown source.

Customer referrals are a big deal to us. We certainly make it a policy to put in 100% for every project, but when we get a referral we understand it isn’t only our reputation on the line, but the reputation and good word of the customer who referred us. We value that and take great care to live up to our name.

Martin had specific requirements that needed to be met. First, like everyone, Martin had a budget. Most small businesses trying to make it in today’s economy take cash flow into consideration and although expansion is a necessary expense, limited resources sometimes require special attention.

In-house Detailers Make Last Minute Modifications Easy

The detailers and engineers who, by now, had become intimately familiar with the mechanical workings and load requirements of the hangar door opening were now charged with keeping the building as close to the original design, meeting strict airfield specifications, and staying within budget.

In a few short weeks, after modifications to the height of the building and pitch of the roof Martin got the go ahead on his hangar, which was shortened on the exterior without compromising the mandatory interior height specifications.

Because of Martin’s excellent foresight in choosing Armstrong Steel, we stood by his side from concept to completion and the delivery and erection was completed with few issues.

Today in rural Texas, new classes of would-be pilots learn of the great joy of flying from Cobra Kai. Those freshmen pilots may not know the planes they are taking up into the skies are maintained and protected in a hangar which was crafted with as much hard work and effort on paper, as it was on site.

That’s the beauty of an Armstrong Steel building. It doesn’t need attention for functioning the way it was intended. But the customer who referred Martin to Armstrong Steel knows… and Martin knows. And the team at Armstrong Steel who enjoyed a few refreshing German beers knows. And that’s good enough for us.

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