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Nick V.

"Armstrong Steel was great to my family. They were always responsive and professional throughout the duration of our project. The Metal Building is solid and was very easy to assemble. Thanks Armstrong on behalf of my family."

Mark T.

"I have a nice looking workshop now thanks to you Armstrong! The building was delivered on time and every part fit perfectly together, which is all very important! I don't see a reason why I wouldn't recommend Armstrong Steel to anyone!"

Anita A.

"Our architects from Tall Studio in Ocean Springs, Mississippi worked directly with Armstrong Steel to design our rural studio on a four acre parcel in Southern Mississippi. We included a small apartment in the studio design that we planned to live in temporarily while we built our downsized home, getting us ready for retirement. We have been so comfortable in this building and the apartment that we put off building our home! The design is unique and people stop by on a regular basis to learn about our building. The space is flexible and configurable so that my husband can work on building and pre-staging for his marine contracting business. We have even held several weddings and parties in the rural studio. This was a great investment for us and we would work with Armstrong again."

Tony H.

"I bought an Armstrong building for my RV storage. Nothing was missing when it was delivered and all the pieces fit perfectly. The thickness of the steel and the trim work makes my building look great. Armstrong was the only building that offered I-beam support for a great price. I'm extremely satisfied with the quality and overall sharpness of the building."

William B.

"I cannot remember the last time that I received customer service like I have from Armstrong Steel. Our Armstrong Steel project manager, Jeremy, was extremely knowledgeable and assisted us at every turn. Kitty in the shipping department was on point and always had answers to our questions with respect to our scheduled delivery date. In short, everything went smoothly and you guys did everything we expected of you. I am sure that the other folks I didn't deal with directly are just as helpful - because it seems to be a part of your company's culture. We'd recommend Armstrong Steel to anyone building a manufacturing facility!"

Jacob R.

"We're in Princeton, West Virginia and we bought our church from Armstrong Steel. So far, so good. It's erected and looks great on the outside. We're still working on the interior finish out but our experience with your company was seamless, no regrets."

Terry P.

"I made the first contact to Armstrong Steel, and I was so impressed with the company, I made the purchase in the same conversation. I usually don't make snap decisions, but my salesperson gave me a good summary of the company and made sure I was comfortable. I've wanted a shop for a long time on my property, and I am pleased with the patience of the employees at Armstrong. My project manager always tries to accommodate me and is very professional. She makes it a point to address any concerns I have and keeps me updated on my progress. I'm looking forward to receiving my building soon!"

Keith E.

"I've been welding for about 20 years now and it's finally time I got my own shop. I've been renting workspaces on and off and it just wasn't cost effective for my business anymore. After months of doing research on steel building companies, I came across Armstrong Steel's nifty website. Your company was completely superior to any other steel building company I encountered because of your willingness to assist me throughout my project. Between the 5 star customer service and the quality of the building, I know I'm in good hands."

Matthew K.

"I'm not a professional contractor and I really don't have any sort of background in construction, but I would still consider myself fairly handy. Armstrong told me this was a DIY project, so I decided to erect the building myself. I was actually surprised how easy the building went up. All the parts lined up correctly, exactly the way they were designed. I'm not kidding the building went up without a hitch! I originally erected the building and meant to use it as a house, but now it's being used as an office building and workshop space. It just goes to show you how many different uses an Armstrong building can truly provide. I'd recommend Armstrong to any novice or inexperienced builder. If I can build it, anyone can."

J. Grady

"I am building my dream house for my kids and myself. We live in the Pacific Northwest, and while I love the rain, sometimes it is nice to have it not pouring down on me. I purchased a steel building from Armstrong Steel in September 2018. After a great deal ofresearch, this felt like the best option. In Phase 1, I am building the steel building, which will give me a secure, well-lit, sheltered space. Phase 2 will involve building my house inside part of the building. The result will be a comfortable house with a giant work and play space where my kids and I can have fun regardless of weather. When finished, my home will be sturdy, functional, resistant to rot and pests, and most importantly, a space that I can alter according to the needs of my family as we grow. Initially, the play space will be home to roller skating, bike riding, a climbing wall, and likely a zip-line. Later, the space may morph into a green screen studio or whatever sparks my kids' imaginations. When they are off at college, I have plans for a home-based business in that space. I looked at many different building solutions, but this felt like a solution that would let me build on my own schedule, have site security, and support my creativity and family dreams. All the above is a testimonial about steel buildings in general. My experience with Armstrong Steel has been fantastic. Every step of this process has had both little and big examples of their employees being helpful and collaborative. My latest experience has been with Lorelle Porter, the project manager for my building. It didn't feel like she was just processing a checklist. She has worked so hard to help me plan for my vision, often suggesting ideas that helped boost it to "next-level" awesome features. Right now I am focused on building this house, but have had in-depth conversations with friends and family about future building projects. I have, and will continue to endorse this method, and Armstrong Steel as my preferred solution."