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Reshelle G.

"The church building is going great so far. Thanks for all your help, Armstrong!"

Richard S.

"I bought my Armstrong building to be used as a multipurpose agricultural building in Missouri. The response from customer service at Armstrong was great, they got back to me in a timely manner and were very helpful with any questions and needs I had. The building was very easy to erect, and fit well together. I absolutely recommend Armstrong Steel!"

Richard L.

"I want to really thank Armstrong Steel for their exceptional support team from all departmental phases. I used my 3200 square foot steel Armstrong building for my new home based resale shop to sell locally and worldwide. This building is also my personal man cave garage and office. Also it's amazing to watch my customers walk through the doors and stop dead in their tracks in amazement over the building and setup. I get many comments on the size and construction of the building and how much everyone wants to build one of their own. Thank you!"

Josh G.

"I would recommend Armstrong Steel to anyone! In fact I was just telling my co-worker to call Armstrong for his building just the other day. My whole experience was phenomenal, from customer service to the quality of building. It's truly the lakeside building of my dreams! I really enjoyed having a support team through the entire project. Everyone made the process smooth and always made sure that I was getting the building I needed and wanted. It's going to be perfect when the building is fully completed on the inside, too."

Russell S.

"I got both of my metal buildings from Armstrong Steel! I've got one of the buildings up now and I'm proud to say I built it with my own two hands. Armstrong wasn't kidding when they said any 'average joe' could build it on their own! I'm thankful for all the extra storage space. Armstrong really delivered on my building projects, but more importantly delivered great customer service! I'll continue to recommend Armstrong Steel to everyone I know, and I'll definitely call Armstrong Steel for my future building needs."

Floyd S.

"I entered my building this morning to work on a project. Lol I started out by sitting in a chair to drink some water as the humidity is 90% and temp is 94F in Angleton on the Texas gulf coast. I looked up at the ceiling and seen the silver purlins and the grey moisture barrier and the painted grey beams. And I thought this is a truly beautiful building. The lights glare off the metal components like it was built yesterday, yet I work in it every day with the doors wide open. NO RUST! No junky red oxide rusty metal anywhere to be seen. As of yet, every person who has entered this building and not seen it before will comment on how good it looks. Most say ( I did not know you could get buildings in galvanize that must have costed a lot of money) and I say ( I didn’t either, I just failed to ask & furthermore the price sure did not seem like I was getting a upgrade) I was used to only seeing them in primed metal. I was surprised when the materials showed up and it was galvanized, It was a good thing Because it rained from the time we started erecting the building all the way for 2 weeks after completion. And any other building would had been rusting before it was dried in. Armstrong people are the best to work with, kind and as others have noted they truly care about you and your purchase. The builder did not hang the Armstrong Decals, so today after 2 years I climbed a ladder and riveted them on. Why not, it’s a damn good-looking building I am proud of it and I’m a little tired of people stopping and asking who the manufacturer is."

Bruce H.

"You guys are unsung heroes. Not many people know what you are doing or how important it is. Once again, my thanks to you and the rest of the staff."

Mark T.

"No matter what problems, Armstrong always came through. From conception to shipping they were always able to work things out for me. Worth every penny. Excellent customer service as the employees were always willing to help out in anyway and inquiries were answered very promptly, overall excellent customer service."

Zach R.

"As a whole, the customer service from Armstrong was great. I was always able to chat with a knowledgeable and professional staff member about my building needs throughout the whole process. The building arrived right on schedule and in pristine condition. Our company was really impressed with the quality, so we ended up buying another building. Thank you Armstrong Steel."

Charlie H.

"Armstrong did a good job! Many thanks to Armstrong Steel and their staff."