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    30,000 Benefits of a Steel Building

    It’s easy to understand the benefits of a steel building; they’re inexpensive and hardly difficult to erect. An engineer, not an architect, can accomplish most of the planning and design elements for you. Another of the many benefits of a steel building is significantly greater span capacities with no interior support beams – which translates to unobstructed square footage. But… Full Article

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    7 Things to Know When ‘Finishing’ a First Time Steel Building Project

    A Steel Building – the name alone sometimes sends the wrong message about the aesthetic possibilities. Some people envision a boxy warehouse. Some people might think of a rounded military-bunker, Quonset hut or a shed like structure. Sure, these are steel buildings, but are they your only options?   Absolutely not! Creative engineering has given… Full Article

  • The science behind saving money with your steel building isn't complicated!

    Ready For A Steel Building? Keep More Green in your Pocket!

    I’m not going to blabber about global warming. I’m not going to talk about pollution and the carbon footprint of your first time building project. You’re a first time builder – you have enough to think about without factoring in the way your pre-engineered steel building is going to impact the globe. Instead, I’m going… Full Article

  • Learn how to read steel building blueprints

    3 Easy Steps To Understanding Steel Building Blueprints

    Pop culture philosopher, Yogi Berra, once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” This mangled, yet profound, quote is one of the Golden Rules when you embark on a steel building project for the first time.  The way you get to where you’re going – whether your project is… Full Article

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    Why You Should Opt for a Pro When It Comes to Concrete

    It is the most widely used man-made material on the planet and it’s perhaps the most misunderstood. It’s concrete and it’s a necessary component to your first time building project. Whether you opt for a traditional build or the convenience and affordability of a pre-engineered structure for your first time building project, you will need… Full Article

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    Tips on Choosing a Professional Builder for Your First Time Project

    The greatest reward of embarking on first time building project is the idea that you are able to do the bulk of the work, from concept to completion, on your own. This is especially true of the building and construction phase of the project. Few things are more satisfying than hammering in every nail, bolting… Full Article

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    Architects – When to Draw the Line on Drawing the Lines

    In this series First Time Builder: A-Z list of Essentials, Jeremy Bjork will detail several issues facing some of his most important clients, first time builders such as yourself. Jeremy will answer common questions and provide you with simple and affordable solutions to common situations. Jeremy works as a Senior Level Project Manager at Armstrong Steel in… Full Article