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Matt R.

"I started my search for a steel building online. Armstrong Steel was quick to respond and willing to help. I ordered a garage for my home and couldn't be happier. The process was smooth and easy. I had worked with other steel buildings in the past but I was very impressed with Armstrong's quality and ease of erection."

Hass G. and Alvis N.

"My grandfather and I are really into tinkering on cars and vintage automobiles, but we didn't have any place to work. We knew we wanted a steel building, so we compared General Steel and Armstrong Steel. We put a ton of time into researching each company, and Armstrong was clearly superior in every way. General Steel is just a middleman that buys their buildings from someone else but Armstrong Steel has their own factory in Denver. Big difference there. Armstrong let us pick paint colors, make modifications and gave us a dedicated project manager. Talk about service! We're able to actually make our steel workshop match our home. We're going to have a lot of fun with fixing up our 'old beauties' in our new shop."

Romie S.

"I knew it was time for a career change, so I decided that I was going to become a gunsmith! I needed a building for my new gun shop, and at that moment I realized I had to research the best building supplier. I checked out Olympia and Rhino, but ultimately went with Armstrong because they had a price I couldn't beat, but they also had the nicest people! Customer service really matters to me. The best part was my building went together flawlessly and the end product was perfect. I'll continue to tell everyone about Armstrong Steel."

Ken S.

"When I envision the perfect 'hobby shop,' several requirements come to mind. The building needs to be clean and spacious. I need to be able to use it year-round and, most importantly, it must keep all of my tools and belongings safe and sound. I get all this and more with my Armstrong building. My shop looks just how I pictured it would. I didn't even have to put up drywall on the inside because it looks so clean on its own. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the building on delivery - everything came together on time and went together effortlessly. I often get compliments on my shop and I'm always sure to tell people where to go if they ever need an awesome steel building like mine."

Chris M.

"I was so thrilled when I purchased my building from Armstrong Steel in October, 2018. Unfortunately, some personal issues came up, but Armstrong was great! They worked with me and they were very accommodating. The Project Manager helped me stay on my timeline and the entire staff at Armstrong always responded quickly and professionally. I would recommend Armstrong Steel as they surpassed my expectations. Thank you Armstrong for making my building dreams come true."

Jean S.

"As I began searching for a steel barn, there was one company in particular that went out of their way to say some outrageous things about Armstrong Steel and desperately used scare tactics in an effort to change my mind. I'm glad I wasn't influenced by the lies. Everything has gone great, I couldn't be happier with Armstrong Steel and the way my building is going up! They have been there for me every step of the way."

Ken B.

"The pricing on my shop building was amazing for the quality of what I received. I looked into other steel companies and won't bother from now on because I didn't receive the pricing Armstrong offered me nor the quality. I've erected Tyler buildings, Hercules buildings and many other brands, none of which came close to the quality of my Armstrong building. It went up perfectly and was plum and square before wall bracing was even installed. I didn't think the building needed the cable bracing but per eng. dwgs I installed them anyways. The only questions I had were in reference to rake trim and corner trim connections and their engineering dept. quickly helped me understand the install process. Also, the driver followed me in a back road and helped with the unload as my help did not make it that morning as was planned. I thank him for that for sure."

Ken B.

"We live in Black Hills, SD, which is just too far away from our children and grandchildren. We finally decided to move to Colorado to be closer to family. We needed a building that's durable enough to store all of our belongings, and big enough to house our RV. Armstrong really delivered on both of those needs! Now, we're in the process of building our new home, and I don't know what we'd do without our Armstrong building. It's so nice to have somewhere to spend our down time. I have to say we love our new building. It's been a lifesaver!"

Buddy G.

"I just began retirement and boy am I thrilled to kick it off in this amazing Armstrong Steel building! We've turned this building into our own little multipurpose hunting getaway! We have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in one end and then still have enough room to store my 4-wheelers, tractors and all of the hunting supplies. We love this building so much! In the next couple of years when we are ready for a new house, we'll be sure to come to you first!"

Frank M.

"I do a lot of city work and see metal buildings all the time. I've always wanted my own man cave to store all of my toys and tools. After endless hours on the internet looking at all of the different building sites and types of buildings available, I came across Armstrong Steel's web page and never looked any further. The pictures of some of the buildings they've already completed were phenomenal, and to top that off when I called the first voice I heard sounds like Sam Elliot! I knew I wanted a building from this company from that point on. Everyone on the Armstrong Steel team was incredibly helpful from beginning to end. Now I don't have to look at photos anymore, I have my own phenomenal building!"