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    Don’t Make These 3 Blunders When Buying a Steel Building

    Wouldn’t it be great if every time you were about to make a purchase, someone stepped in and told you about all the things that you could do wrong when making it – especially when making a large purchase like a steel building? The Steel Building Insider is that resource, and, believe me when I… Full Article

  • The science behind saving money with your steel building isn't complicated!

    Ready For A Steel Building? Keep More Green in your Pocket!

    I’m not going to blabber about global warming. I’m not going to talk about pollution and the carbon footprint of your first time building project. You’re a first time builder – you have enough to think about without factoring in the way your pre-engineered steel building is going to impact the globe. Instead, I’m going… Full Article

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    More Work & Lessons Learned Means Contractors Are Declining New Business

    A 2013 report from the Association of General Contractors details something you may already know, construction firms and subcontractors across the nation are turning down new work. The report says that current work for existing clients is keeping small to medium sized contractors as busy as ever. With housing and building starts seeing a dramatic… Full Article

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    Why You Should Opt for a Pro When It Comes to Concrete

    It is the most widely used man-made material on the planet and it’s perhaps the most misunderstood. It’s concrete and it’s a necessary component to your first time building project. Whether you opt for a traditional build or the convenience and affordability of a pre-engineered structure for your first time building project, you will need… Full Article

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    Architects – When to Draw the Line on Drawing the Lines

    In this series First Time Builder: A-Z list of Essentials, Jeremy Bjork will detail several issues facing some of his most important clients, first time builders such as yourself. Jeremy will answer common questions and provide you with simple and affordable solutions to common situations. Jeremy works as a Senior Level Project Manager at Armstrong Steel in… Full Article

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    5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Small Business

    Let me guess…you took one look at the title, and said to yourself, “There is no way I’m doing that!” No entrepreneur, CEO, manager or small business owner would ever knowingly do anything to sabotage his or her own company. But there is some reason why your business isn’t growing. Unfortunately, you can only tread… Full Article

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    7 Deadly Sins of Steel Building Construction Management

    You all must know about the seven deadly sins. Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Wrath, Sloth and Envy. Have you ever heard about the 7 Deadly Sins of Construction Management? Probably not, since I made them up! But in all seriousness, working in the construction industry can be dangerous. In fact, Business Insider Magazine added several construction related jobs… Full Article

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    The Guide To A Seamless Office Move From Armstrong Steel

    Have you outgrown your current office space? Are you ready to build a prefab metal building for more office space? Make the transition into your new office building as seamless as possible by starting early, over-communicating and being patient. Moving an entire office is extremely complicated, no matter how big or small, and staying calm throughout the… Full Article