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3 Ways to Prevent Overspending On Your Steel Building

Your steel building project doesn’t have to break the bank. Though steel building prices vary throughout the year, there are ways to prevent overspending on your first steel building. You’ve already saved yourself money by choosing a steel building over a brick and mortar constructed building. These tips will help you avoid construction setbacks to keep your building process on schedule and on budget.

1. Make Sure You’re Serious About A Steel Building

Make the most out of your first call to a steel building representative by being prepared. The better idea you have about what you want to build, the better your representative and Project Manager will be able to get you set up more efficiently, saving you money. Do you know what your ideal timeline is? Do you know how much you’d like to spend? The answers to these questions will help you and your project manager effectively get your steel building project underway.

3. Buy From A Company with An In-House Engineering and Detailing Department

Are you prepared to deal with an Engineering and Detailing Department that is overseas? Hopefully not, because you don’t have to. Choose a company that does engineering and detailing in house! In-house Engineering and Design teams ensure that your building is created exactly the way you want it. Communication is easier with in-house teams, there is no waiting out incredible time differences or third-party emailing. With an in-house engineering and detailing department, you are in close contact with your building designers at all times. If you have a question during erection, in-house detailers will be available to answer. If your detailer is overseas, your questions may not be answered right away, causing delays in construction.

3. DO NOT Pour Your Slab Early

Do not, and I repeat, do not pour your foundation slab before you receive your complete set of permit drawings. You will waste hundreds of dollars and possibly end up having to jackhammer chunks out of it (which can cause damage to the integrity of the existing structure), or you will waste money having to take the whole thing up and re-pour. Anchor bolts must be secured into the slab in order to keep your steel building properly secured to the foundation. Your project will be seriously delayed, costing you money, If you pour your slab before you get your permit drawings. Trust me, we’ve seen enough people pour their foundation early, hoping to get a head start on the building only to be highly disappointed when they are forced to redo the entire thing.

We want your steel building experience to be as pleasurable as possible. The entire lifespan of the project should be easy and manageable. Don’t make it harder for yourself and your wallet with unnecessary overspending.

Photo courtesy: Tax Credits, Linus Bohman