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8 Good Qualities of A Church New Hire

8 Good Qualities of A Church New Hire

It’s a challenge to add a new person to an already stellar team. When it comes to choosing someone to lead, manage, and entrust your church to, it’s important to select the perfect person. Don’t add just anyone to your team. Make sure the new candidate adheres to each of these 8 qualities:

1. Faith

Does this person believe completely in your doctrine? It seems obvious that when inviting someone to join your church team, that this person is already a believer. People will do anything to get a job and it’s REALLY important to make sure that your newest hire is a true believer who will represent your church in an acceptable way.

2. Calling

Are they called upon to be a minister of the Word? Does this person only dream of becoming a minister of the Word or are they ACTUALLY called by God to minister? If they are actually called by God to minister, a God-given talent for ministering which can’t be taught will be visible. There is a big difference between these two things. It’s important that your candidate has natural ministering ability before you say “yes.”

3. Quality

Is this person competent enough to follow directions, figure out instructions and execute them without needing micromanagement? As your church grows, so will your team. Add people who will give good ideas for growth as well as shoulder menial tasks.

4. Team Player

Is your team improved by hiring this person? If you see any discrepancies in this person’s personality and the personality of the rest of the team, be wary. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who will feud with your existing team. Whether this person is the perfect fit for the job or not won’t matter if this person doesn’t fit in with your existing team members. A disruptive addition will distract your other employees from doing their jobs correctly and efficiently.

5. Courage

When the seas get rough, will the new person hang on or will he or she jump ship? Make sure that they have the guts to stick with the team and not jump ship at the first sign of waves. A good candidate will be courageous enough to take cues from other team members to get the job done and will be unafraid to offer his or her own ideas to improve the team.

6. Dedication

Does this person answer the call of Jesus, continuously? Give your prospect a 90 day trial run. Does this person answer the call of Jesus on a daily basis? Does your prospect contribute to the church family every week? Write down and record the ways in which this person exhibits the call of Jesus on a daily basis–and then evaluate after a trial period.

7. Responsible

Can this person carry the responsibility of working with and for the church? Often, church leaders ask members of their team to carry big responsibilities that involve directly influencing other people’s lives. Can you trust this person to help your congregation with its needs and contribute to the good reputation of your church instead of hurting it?

8. Character

Is the Holy Spirit visible in your prospect both outwardly and inwardly? It’s important that your potential employee is kind, outwardly and inwardly. Is your potential new hire as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside? If there’s any hidden ugliness about this person’s character, it will come out sooner or later and may cause damage to your entire church, not just your team.

Building a team is a process; it takes time. As a leader, myself, I’ve taken great pains to hire the perfect team one person at a time and implemented a rigorous application process to ensure that the people I choose to join my team are upstanding citizens who will contribute in the best ways. Likewise, I make sure that each person on my team is a strong individual who’ll contribute to our company as a whole, not just his or her specific department.

Photo courtesy: James Lee