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Armstrong’s Agricultural Steel Buildings Redefining Tradition: Modern Farming Requires Modern Structures

The traditional image of large, red wooden barns as the staple of farm buildings has evolved. Modern construction standards now prioritize cost-efficiency, durability, and versatility, qualities that steel structures offer in abundance. At Armstrong Steel, we set ourselves apart from the competition by constantly enhancing our designs. Each agricultural steel building we create reflects our commitment to reliability, style, and functionality. Our design team excels in blending practicality with innovation, redefining the construction and use of agricultural facilities and barns. We take pride in our ability to innovate and redefine what farm buildings can be, setting new benchmarks in the industry!

Preferred by modern farmers

Modern agriculturalists, ranchers, and farmers prefer agricultural steel buildings to traditional wooden structures, and it’s easy to see why. As a top steel building manufacturer in the US, we understand how these structures can impact farm operations, productivity, and the quality of produce. This is why we focus on building high-quality metal barns and agricultural structures that guarantee longevity and durability.

Why should you choose an agricultural steel building? Keep reading to explore how our structures are redefining modern farming.

Customizable and versatile

Agricultural buildings must be versatile for a wide variety of purposes, from storing farm equipment, hay, and grains to housing livestock. Our steel buildings are versatile and come in clear-span interiors to provide enough space for various needs, including maneuvering farming machinery and vehicles. We customize every metal structure with your requirements in mind. We can provide larger door openings for sliding, overhead, or rolling doors, so it’s easier to bring oversized farm equipment and loads of hay in or out of the structure.

Do you want to incorporate other construction materials into your agricultural steel building? Our engineering and design experts can make it happen. We offer these buildings in virtually endless customizations to meet your requirements. Whether you want your structure to resemble a traditional barn or look more industrial, just tell us, and we’ll make it for you!

Expand easily

As your agricultural business grows, so should your facilities. But you don’t have to build a new building from scratch. Our steel buildings are easier and quicker to expand. At Armstrong Steel, our metal structures have endless options for extensions, whether you plan to extend the length or width. And because of the clear span layout, you can have more uninterrupted interior space, which can be difficult and costly to achieve with wood.

More durable than wood

Is your farm in an area that’s prone to heavy snowfall, high winds, earthquakes, or hurricanes? With wood structures, you would always have to worry about their integrity and maintenance. Not with Armstrong Steel Building Systems. Your agricultural steel building boasts unmatched durability and quality that can resist harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and pests. As such, you are guaranteed long-term safety and reliability in protecting your farm’s assets for many decades to come. The robust nature of our metal structures also reduces the need for maintenance, resulting in additional savings.

Are you worried about wildfires and pests destroying your metal barn? Our agricultural steel building is backed by a 50-year structural warranty. Steel is non-combustible and unlikely to be easily destroyed by fire. Termites and other insects will also become the least of your problems when you build with metal. To prevent rust, we recommend applying Galvalume on the roof panels.

Guaranteed for your peace of mind

Getting your agricultural steel building from us means it will come with the industry’s longest and most trusted warranties. Apart from the 50-year structural warranty, we also guarantee our roof and paint systems for 35 and 40 years, respectively, to give you more peace of mind. It’s our way of ensuring worry-free usage for your metal barn and an attractive building that won’t need costly and extensive annual maintenance.

Insulation made easy

If you plan to house livestock, harvested crops, or hydroponics systems, you need a structure that is easy to insulate. Proper insulation will help protect those assets and keep animals comfortable and safe, especially during hot summers and cold winters. You don’t have to worry when you have an agricultural steel building because it’s far easier to insulate than wood-frame structures. Plus, better insulation translates to energy savings with lower cooling and heating costs.

Our in-house building consultants and designers will work with you to tailor your structure’s design to accommodate any insulation or ventilation system. Moreover, the Armstrong Steel team will introduce optimized layouts to improve operational efficiency and access to equipment and livestock.

Multi-purpose facilities

You can turn your agricultural steel building into a warehouse with enough room for processing crops, trading, and an office. You can also turn it into a greenhouse to cultivate fruits, vegetables, and other plants indoors to protect them from extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. Barriers can be added to your steel barn to create dedicated areas for breeding and raising livestock like chickens and ducks. Additionally, you can request a space for a kennel where farm dogs can settle and guard your livestock.

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