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Future-Proofing Your Business: The Role of Commercial Storage Building

Future-Proofing Your Business: The Role of Commercial Storage Building

Careful planning during construction is vital for any commercial project. This is particularly true for storage facilities. Our commercial storage building kits offer a future-proof solution that allows you to create a space that can adapt to your changing storage requirements.

Here at Armstrong Steel, we offer a wide range of reliable and customizable steel building kits based on your requirements. Our products let you run your business profitably and efficiently by providing durable and versatile structures that will protect your customers’ valuables and stand strong for many years. Whether you already have a commercial storage business or are about to enter this industry, you can count on our high-quality metal building kits. We are the top choice in the US for high-quality steel structures that satisfy our clients’ commercial storage needs, like unit mixes, security considerations, aesthetics, and expansion options.

Are you wondering how our commercial steel storage building kits can future-proof your business? This blog has all the answers that can also help you make an informed decision to use our pre-engineered metal building kits.

What are steel commercial building kits?

We can manufacture pre-engineered or prefabricated steel building kits in our facility based on your specific requirements and measurements. This means all components are engineered and designed to seamlessly fit together to simplify assembly and reduce labor costs when you assemble the building on your property. These benefits also allow you to save money and reduce the time to erect your new commercial storage facility.

Since we build these buildings in-house, we also eliminate residual waste and excessive material usage. Our commercial storage building kits are also engineered to meet your area’s building codes and load-bearing requirements to eliminate any potential issues that could delay or prevent you from erecting the structure promptly.

Although we manufacture these buildings as kits, we carefully design and customize every project to suit each client’s requirements. By doing this, we can meet your aesthetic and branding needs and provide a building that looks consistent with the rest of the structures on your commercial property.

How can our steel buildings future-proof your business?

Steel commercial storage buildings are long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance. We manufacture them under controlled conditions with high-quality coatings to expand their lifespan and provide an aesthetically pleasing structure. Here are ways by which an Armstrong Steel commercial storage building can help future-proof your business:

  • DurableArmstrong Steel commercial storage building kits can survive extreme weather and natural disasters, including strong earthquakes, hail, flooding, snowstorms, hurricanes, and high winds. And because we use steel, you can build a commercial storage facility that will unlikely be destroyed by fire. Besides being non-combustible, the material also resists termites, moisture damage, and wood rot.
  • VersatilityAs your business grows, so will your need for additional storage units to keep up with customer demand. Our commercial steel buildings are designed to stand for many decades and allow you to add to them over time. We can design and build these structures with additional bays to expand their width and height to suit your current storage requirements. However, we make sure you can make changes in the future, whether adding new components, expansions, or replacing the parts. No matter your plans, our commercial storage building kits will allow you to make changes quickly and cost-effectively.Steel commercial storage buildings can have clear-span and modular layouts, with few to no interior columns for increased flexibility. These features also simplify future expansions that allow you to extend your building to any length or width.
  • Meet upcoming industry trends.Staying on top of trends allows your business to remain relevant and adaptable to its customers’ changing preferences and needs. Prefabricated commercial storage building kits speed up project delivery while reducing costs and increasing construction efficiency, making them popular. Moreover, their modular construction meets emerging trends and preferences for pre-engineered and expandable buildings. So, choosing our kits will help you stay ahead of the curve.

More storage applications

Our commercial storage building kits will help you cater to different types of customers. We pre-engineer our products for various applications, including self-storage, vehicle storage, inventory, RV and boat storage, and more. Whatever your requirements, our building consultants will address them and help you design the perfect commercial storage facility with our steel building systems. Moreover, our engineers are extensively experienced in handling various custom designs to deliver the most economical and highest-quality structures in today’s market.

Get the best guarantees from Armstrong Steel.

We stand behind the quality of our commercial storage building kits, and to prove this, we offer the longest warranties with every project. Our structural warranty lasts 50 years to give you more peace of mind in the long run. Plus, we are among the few steel building fabricators with 40-year paint and 35-year roof warranties. These guarantees can help you focus on running your business instead of worrying about your building.

Future-proof your commercial storage business today.

Learn more about our commercial steel storage buildings here and get a quote by sharing a few details about your requirements. You may also call Armstrong Steel at 1-800-345-4610 for other questions or concerns.