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Maximizing Space and Style: How Steel Barndominium Kits Redefine Home Construction

Maximizing Space and Style: How Steel Barndominium Kits Redefine Home Construction

The barndominium gets its name from ‘barn’ and ‘condominium,’ and these structures originally offered utilitarian living spaces for farm owners. However, steel barndominium kits revolutionized the concept. These kits allow you to build sophisticated living spaces that are fully customizable to fit any preference and lifestyle.

Here at Armstrong Steel, we are proud to offer revolutionary metal building systems that prove the adaptability, versatility, and durability of barndominiums and their growing reputation in the real estate market and architectural world. These residential structures have risen in popularity over the past few years thanks to their trendy aesthetics and affordable cost. Compared to building a traditional house, steel barndominiums are more cost-effective and faster to erect, saving homeowners significant time and money. This makes them revolutionary structures, changing the landscape of home construction.

An alternative option to traditional builds

Uncertainties in the housing market make home buyers turn to alternative residential options. One of these is the steel barndominium, which allows them to overcome challenges like low housing supply and exorbitant pricing. These structures offer functionality and versatility in their designs while being energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and economical.

At Armstrong Steel, we are proud of our ability to customize steel barndominium kits to meet the needs of every modern homeowner. Our metal structures offer an open-concept building that adapts to any lifestyle. Unlike traditional concrete or wood structures, steel framing offers additional benefits to barndominiums, such as strength, durability, and resistance to weather, pests, and decay. Moreover, our steel frame kits allow you to customize the home in any finish or material.

We treat every steel barndominium project as an opportunity for design improvement. This allows us to make one-of-a-kind structures you can proudly call your home. We say no to cookie-cutter designs and instead work closely with every customer to personalize their residence.

Read on to discover how our steel barndominium kits are redefining home construction.

Durable, long-lasting homes

Our pre-engineered steel barndominiums are strong enough to survive heavy snowfall, earthquakes, high winds, and anything nature throws at them. We use Galvalume on the roof panels to increase their lifespan and avoid rusting. In addition, steel is non-combustible and won’t burn down as quickly as wood structures, making your home more likely to survive a fire.

Build faster

Building a traditional home with wood and concrete would take at least a few months before you can move in. Armstrong Steel, steel barndominium kits are easy and quick to erect because we provide a detailed erection guide, assembly drawings, and anchor bolt patterns to guide you and your contractor throughout the process.

When we customize metal barndominiums, we meticulously pre-punch all bolt-together connections and pre-cut and number most components to save you time and effort. You only need to refer to your custom drawings to see where they must go.

Do note that total construction time can be impacted by various factors, such as the amount of customization you want. A simple barndominium can be finished within a matter of weeks, while a structure with more significant custom features could take at least 3 to 6 months to a year. No matter how simple or complex your design is, we guarantee a home that is easier and quicker to erect than a conventional wood and concrete house.

Flexible builds

We customize our pre-engineered steel barndominiums to your specific interior requirements. We can build them with minimal to no interior columns for a more flexible layout that is easy to adapt to your needs and lifestyle.

Worried about your home looking too industrial or like a warehouse? Our steel barndominium kits can accommodate all exterior and interior finishes. Our structures support all roof and wall designs, including brick, stucco, CMU, metal panels, and shingles. Rest assured, our building consultants will work with you to bring your dream home to life with custom materials and designs.


Steel buildings are not just easy to transform into any home. They are more cost-effective and affordable compared to traditional options in today’s housing market. Because they are pre-engineered and quick to build, they help reduce labor costs. Our steel barndominium kits streamline erection to save you money.

These savings are also due to our ability to optimize our use of materials. Armstrong Steel Building Systems designs every barndominium in-house to reduce residual waste. This eliminates excessive material usage and allows us to bill you only for the materials we use. Plus, we specifically engineer our steel barndominiums to your local building codes and load-bearing requirements to eliminate additional costs and extra materials.


Our building systems simplify future expansions with their clear-span layouts, meaning you can extend your home lengthwise or crosswise to accommodate your changing space requirements.

Energy efficient

Our buildings can accommodate any insulation system and insulate far better than traditional wood-frame structures. This can mean better energy efficiency, which leads to more savings on cooling and heating costs.

Build your dream home with an Armstrong Steel barndominium

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