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Ready to Build the Perfect Steel Garage?

Ready to Build the Perfect Steel Garage?

We know there are so many options when you decide to buy your first steel building, and it can be overwhelming. Once you have all the basics and get your building erected, you’re going to want to make additions! If you don’t get everything you want the first go-around, we have several suggestions about how to update the inside and outside of your steel garage.

Insulate the Garage

1596898776_3b428e233e_mYou want your steel garage to stay hot during the winter, and cool during the summer, right? Then you can insulate your garage to control the temperature. Insulation also helps prevent condensation from forming, which contributes to rust or corrosion problems. There are a few different kinds of insulation. Loose fill insulation reduces air leakage but can be expensive. Spray foam insulation expands when it is applied to steel walls and provides a great air barrier, while rigid board is ideal for roofing. Talk with a building professional to see which is right for you.

Add some Windows

Think about adding some natural light with a few windows. Often times, we hear from folks that are so happy with their metal building, they end up spending more time than they originally thought they would in their garage! It’s simple to install and will bring more life into your man cave or lady lair.

steel garageLight the Place Up

If you’re not a fan of the natural light, then install fluorescent fixtures. Remember some fluorescent lights have trouble working in the winter, so select your fixtures based off the lowest temperature in your garage. Make sure they are energy efficient bulbs so your costs stay down and you won’t have to replace them often. Also, if your work requires deep focus, go for multipoint or indirect lighting to avoid casting a shadow on your hands.

Invest in a new Workbench

You’re going to need somewhere to grind, graft and toil. Think about making a workbench from scratch that’s cheap to make, but still sturdy enough to hold your car parts. Start with a piece of sheet metal or a stainless steel plate. This makes your workbench easy to clean and keeps it chemical resistant. If you constantly work with oil or liquids, just squeegee the excess liquid into an easily installed gutter. Measure and cut your four lengths of steel angle for your workbench and weld all frame and leg joints securely.

Raise your Glass

Your garage space can be anything you want it to be! We saved the best upgrades for last. Want more recreational space? Think about a pool table, air hockey or ping-pong. Many users use the extra elbow room for storage, but I recommend making space for the ol’ watering hole. Install a bar and refrigerator and invite the neighbors over! Remember, you made an investment in your steel garage and now you should protect your assets. Install a security system or man door in your garage for better protection.

At Armstrong Steel, we’ll help you realize your dream every step of the way. It all starts by building a steel garage. Once your steel garage is erected, the possibilities are endless.

Photo courtesy: Josep Ma. Rosell, Richard Rutter, Trailers of the East Coast