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Myths Busted: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Steel Buildings

Myths Busted: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Steel Buildings

There’s a lot of information about steel buildings out there. Several misconceptions about pre-engineered steel buildings are keeping you from pulling the trigger, and sadly, they’re not true. We’re here to help you debunk four myths about steel buildings so you can get started on your next project right away.

“Steel Buildings are too expensive.”

metal-buildingSure, any big project can cost a substantial amount of money, but steel offers the best durability, flexibility, and significant cost savings of most building materials on the market. When you decide to purchase a steel building from a company like Armstrong Steel, you’ll pay a small engineering cost which will not only get designers started on your project, but will secure your steel price. This payment will go towards the total cost of your building. It’s similar to a down payment on a home. Since you’re probably making an once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it can be scary, as well as exciting. It’s a big milestone to own your very own steel building.

Armstrong buildings are pre-engineered, which saves you the cost of having to hire an architect to design them. Also, pre-engineered metal buildings can often be assembled quickly, which saves on construction costs, and over the life of the building, they require little maintenance. The most noticeable benefit of an Armstrong Steel Building is the cost savings over traditional brick and mortar construction. As a high volume supplier, we are able to buy thousands of tons of steel at a lower price. We’re not in the market to sell the “cheapest” building, and the “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t apply to us. We offer a Direct Buy Program for people who are ready to take advantage of deep discounts and get a building directly from us, the building supplier.

In terms of an investment which will retain value, there really is no better choice than going with steel. Wooden structures that don’t require a foundation aren’t even considered permanent structures by permitting offices and may cheapen your land value. Brick and mortar structures are durable but require costly crews and construction professionals to build – not to mention the fact that they may take months, even years to complete and are more costly per square foot than steel. Steel buildings maintain value, and often times, increase the overall value of your property.

“Steel Buildings aren’t attractive and limited in design.”

What do you picture in your mind when you first think of a steel building? Do you imagine an old World War II arch-frame shack or a boxy warehouse-looking structure? While those still do exist, steel buildings today are built and specifically designed by you. The truth is you might be looking at a steel building right now and not even know it! There are many new manufacturing techniques and advancements in technology has improved the aesthetic possibilities of steel buildings. Materials are available in many different looks, colors, textures and designs. Our buildings aren’t sitting on shelf in a factory, they are completely customizable to your individual specifications. When you decide to buy, you won’t work with sales people throughout the process. You’ll work with project managers from conception all the way to completion. It doesn’t matter if you spend two hours or 200 hours with your project manager. It’s all included to those who qualify for the Direct Buy program.

“Steel Buildings rust.”

Metal buildings are constantly exposed to the elements, which is the cause of oxidation and rust. Rust is ugly, but more importantly, it can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Galvanization extends the life of your building and is extremely low maintenance. As a matter of fact, every Armstrong building comes with rust through perforation premium warranties – we offer these exceptional 40 and 50-year warranties because we are that confident that your building will remain rust resistant for decades.

“Steel Buildings are too complicated to build.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Pre-engineered metal buildings are widely known for how easy they are to put up. We can’t stress this enough – our buildings bolt together with no welding required. Some steel building suppliers include parts that still need to be welded. We take care of most of the work for you. When people ask how hard it is to erect one of our buildings, I tell them, “If you can put together an erector set, you can put together one of our buildings.” Most people are able to erect each building without a contractor.metal monitor interionHere’s why: Once you finalize the design of your steel building, you’ll get an easy to follow engineering package. Everything you need to complete your project is in the drawing package. Again, your project manager will be available to answer your questions. We think that’s what separates Armstrong Steel from other building suppliers.

Whatever direction you decide to go, we have an option for you. Check out the First Time Builder section of our blog network, or click here to get started on pricing a building.