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Safeguarding Your Agricultural Investments: Exploring Steel Storage Solutions

Safeguarding Your Agricultural Investments: Exploring Steel Storage Solutions

As a farmer or an entrepreneur in the agribusiness sector, protecting your agricultural assets and investments is crucial. Your operations rely heavily on your equipment and machinery. You also need to secure a safe storage solution for your produce or livestock. Steel farm storage buildings can fulfill these needs.

At Armstrong Steel, we specialize in customizing prefabricated steel-frame structures according to your preferences — including colors, roof styles, and additional features tailored to your specifications. Most importantly, we design these buildings to accommodate your specific storage needs effectively. Whether it’s safeguarding harvested crops, tools, or vehicles, our metal structures provide reliable protection against harsh weather conditions.

Do you want to learn more about metal buildings for your farm? Keep reading to explore the ways our steel farm storage buildings can safeguard your investments.

Low-maintenance, long-lasting structures

Steel farm buildings are an investment in your operation’s future. Their inherent strength and durability translate to significant cost savings over time. Unlike traditional materials that require frequent maintenance and repairs, steel structures are remarkably low-maintenance.

At Armstrong Steel, we take quality seriously. To further enhance the longevity of your building, we offer Galvalume® roof panels. This innovative material is a steel compound coated with aluminum to create exceptional rust resistance and extend the lifespan of your roof.

We are so confident in the quality of our steel agricultural buildings that we back them with industry-leading warranties, including a 35-year rust-through-perforation warranty for the roof and an impressive 50-year structural warranty. You can rest assured your building is built to withstand the elements and serve your farm for generations to come.

We also understand you want a building that complements the aesthetic of your farm. That’s why we use only the highest-quality coatings to deliver a beautiful finish that will last—backed by our 40-year paint warranty.

Worry-free against any weather or pest

Building with steel is a great choice, whether you have small or large storage requirements. Wooden structures are always at the mercy of the elements and can rot and deteriorate without proper care and maintenance. In contrast, our steel farm storage buildings are durable and can withstand natural events, including high winds, heavy snowfall, earthquakes, and hurricanes. They are also resistant to moisture damage, pests, and rot, so they last longer than agricultural storage facilities built with traditional materials.

Designed per your requirements

While we offer prefabricated steel buildings, we pay close attention to the needs of every client. This means your steel farm storage building will be customized and designed according to your requirements. We have a skilled in-house design team with extensive experience designing metal building kits for various clients, including independent farmers, small agribusinesses, and large agricultural enterprises. We have the expertise and everything it takes to make one-of-a-kind structures that meet and exceed your industry’s standards.

Do you need taller and wider doors to move oversized equipment and vehicles with ease, or to mobilize livestock without a hitch? Our pre-engineered metal buildings are flexible and ideal for those applications. Their open layout can accommodate other requirements such as dedicated spaces for lifts.

Our steel farm storage buildings can be made with minimal to no interior columns. We also offer various framing systems and can design your structure for any type or size of storage you need.

Versatility is another great thing about our metal farm storage building kits. Our pre-engineered steel building systems are easy to configure with any construction material, meaning your agricultural storage structure can be made to look like a traditional red barn, a modern warehouse, or any other style you can think of.

Easy to expand

As your agricultural business grows, so will your storage requirements. No worries, as our steel farm storage buildings simplify future expansions with endless length and width extensions. Do you need a large facility? We can build it with uninterrupted interior space, so it clear-spans greater distances. This is difficult and expensive to achieve with wood. We design your building in-house, so it’s specifically engineered to your needs, including your local codes and load-bearing standards.

Energy efficient

Crops, livestock, seeds, and hydroponics setups are sensitive to humidity and temperature, so you want to maintain ideal conditions inside your agricultural storage building. Steel-frame structures are easier and more effective to insulate to maintain optimum temperatures and humidity indoors. This means enhanced energy efficiency that can help reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

It won’t burn down easily

Another great thing about steel farm storage buildings is that they are non-combustible, so they won’t easily be destroyed by fire. This can be an advantage if you live in a wildfire-prone area or are worried about electric fires.

Build your agricultural storage building with us!

Allow us to design and manufacture custom steel farm storage buildings for business. An Armstrong Steel metal building kit is quick and easy to erect, usually 3 to 5 times faster than constructing a traditional wood and concrete structure. We make this possible by pre-engineering all the parts according to your needs, ensuring each component is numbered, pre-punched, and ready to bolt together. Moreover, we provide detailed assembly drawings, anchor bolt patterns, and a comprehensive, easy-to-follow erection guide.

Learn more about our steel farm storage buildings and design one by requesting a quote here. You may also call 1-800-345-4610 to learn more about Armstrong Steel Building Systems.