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The Growing Popularity of Custom Barndominium Kits: What You Need to Know

The Growing Popularity of Custom Barndominium Kits: What You Need to Know

As barndominiums continue to make waves in the housing market, you might wonder what makes them appealing and potentially better alternatives to traditional homes. Allow us to explain everything you need to know by sharing more information about our custom barndominium kits.

Here at Armstrong Steel, we have helped many homeowners realize their dream homes with our prefabricated steel buildings. Barndominiums make the perfect residential solution for their trendy look and affordability, and with our building systems, we guarantee the efficiency, safety, and versatility necessary for a custom home project.

Our in-house building consultants will work with you to design your forever home. Steel buildings are easy to turn into comfortable residential spaces while offering long-term cost savings. With our capabilities, we can create unrestricted spaces with flexible floor plans to meet your exact needs. In addition, we offer clear-span designs that allow you to maximize the interior height for any purpose. With Armstrong Steel, you can save money and time finishing your dream home’s interior.

What makes barndominiums popular?

The word ‘barndominium’ is a combination of the words ‘barn’ and ‘condominium.’ Traditionally, the structure is a barn converted into a residence. However, that’s no longer economically feasible for most homeowners.

While there are many ways to build a barndominium, steel home kits tend to be preferred for their flexibility, efficiency, and durability. Armstrong Steel custom barndominium kits are more cost-effective because they are pre-fabricated and engineered to every homeowner’s requirements. Our selection of steel home kits seamlessly combines the beauty and function of modern living spaces with the aesthetic of traditional barns. However, they are quick and easy to erect, so they can be your weekend DIY project with a small crew of contractors.

Read on to discover other factors contributing to the increasing popularity of barndominium kits and why they appeal to more aspiring homeowners.


Barndominiums designed with steel building systems are more versatile than traditional options. Our custom barndominium kits come in a clear-span design, so you can design the interior and according to your taste and preferences. They can be tailored for a wide range of needs, from open-concept living spaces to dedicated zones for your home office or entertaining guests.

Are you concerned that your home will look like an industrial warehouse? Don’t worry. You can incorporate all interior and exterior finishes and use any roof or wall design, like metal panels, shingles, stucco, brick, and CMU. Our in-house building consultants will work with you to design your dream home so it looks exactly as you want it to be.


Custom barndominium kits are perfect for growing families or those looking to downsize their residences because they are cost-effective and quick to scale up or down. Our pre-engineered steel homes come in virtually endless configurations, allowing us to determine the length, width, or height based on your needs. They are also easy to expand because of the endless length and width extensions.


Generally, a barndominium is more affordable and less time-consuming to build than a traditional home, especially when they are prefabricated steel buildings. Here at Armstrong Steel, we save you more money by optimizing our use of materials. We design our custom barndominium kits in-house to eliminate residual waste, so you pay only for the materials we use.

Additionally, every component of your barndominium is specifically engineered to comply with your local building codes and load-bearing requirements to avoid excessive material usage. Our steel buildings are designed to seamlessly fit together to reduce labor costs. We also take the guesswork out of assembling your steel home by providing a step-by-step erection guide, detailed assembly drawings, pre-cut, and numbered components, pre-punched connections, and anchor bolt patterns.


Our custom barndominium kitsare built to last! This is because pre-engineered steel structures are very durable and can withstand natural events, including earthquakes, high winds, heavy snowfall, and hurricanes. At Armstrong Steel, we stand behind the quality of our steel barndominiums with a 40-year structural warranty. In addition, we offer a 40-year paint warranty and a 35-year rust-through-perforation roof guarantee to increase your peace of mind.

If you’re using steel roof panels, you can coat them with Galvalume to prolong their lifespan and keep rusting at bay. This also helps reduce the need for regular maintenance to save you time and effort.

Are you worried about fires or live in a wildfire-prone area? Unlike traditional wood homes, steel is non-combustible, meaning it won’t readily burn. This inherent fire resistance provides an extra layer of security for your home and peace of mind for you.

Energy efficient

With the right design choices and insulation, your barndominium can contribute to energy savings with lower cooling and heating costs. Steel homes can be effectively insulated to increase energy efficiency, making them friendly to the environment and your monthly budget.

Explore the options today.

Our custom barndominium kits come in hundreds of existing layouts and size combinations, so we’re confident you’ll find your dream home from us. Or you can tailor your steel building to your requirements. Either way, you can start now by requesting a quote here. You may also speak to our building consultants by calling 1-800-345-4610.