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Why Settle for Wood When You Can Have a Steel Barn? Superiority of Steel Building Kits

Why Settle for Wood When You Can Have a Steel Barn? Superiority of Steel Building Kits

If you’re planning to build a barn and are concerned about longevity, maintenance, and future expansion, there’s a better alternative to wood. Here at Armstrong Steel Building Systems, we offer a wide range of steel barn-building kits that can add more value to your farm.

Why build a steel barn?

For hundreds of years, people relied on wood to build barns and agricultural buildings because it was widely accessible and relatively inexpensive. The flexible material also allowed farmers to design and build their own structures.

However, advances in technology have made it possible to construct durable steel structures, a practice that has extended to agricultural uses, including barns. Steel frame construction offers farmers freedom from concerns about weather damage, wood rot, and termites.

However, durability isn’t the only advantage of using metal. At Armstrong Steel, our pre-engineered steel barn building kits make the building process much simpler. These kits let you quickly erect a new barn in just a few hours or days, depending on the help you have, a stark contrast to the months it would take with wood construction.

In this blog, allow us to share more reasons why our steel barn building kits are superior to traditional wood structures.

Save time building your barn.

Our pre-engineered steel building kits come in different sizes and configurations. Your custom steel barn will be delivered to your site and will be ready to assemble and erect. Assuming you didn’t request significant custom features, erecting your steel barn will be very quick and easy. You could even ask your neighbors or friends to help. Otherwise, ask us about accredited installers so we can recommend the best professionals for the job.

When we ship your steel barn kit, it comes with detailed assembly drawings, anchor bolt patterns, and a comprehensive erection guide. The major connections have pre-punched holes and are bolt-together, and most components are numbered and pre-cut. So, all you have to do is refer to your drawings to put them together.

Built for your farm

While we offer pre-built steel barn-building kits, our team is always ready to customize every kit to meet your unique needs. At Armstrong Steel, we have designed, fabricated, and engineered many durable and aesthetically pleasing barns that have withstood the elements and the test of time. Whether you want a traditional big red barn, a large agricultural facility, or a small, specialized farm building, we have what it takes to make it while meeting and exceeding industry standards. You just need to work closely with our experienced building consultants to design the perfect structure to protect your livelihood and investments and deliver optimum function.

Long-lasting structures

Our steel barn building kits offer excellent ROI because they require minimal maintenance and are long-lasting. We don’t follow the same standards as our competitors when we work on every project. Each building is a constant design improvement to ensure the most durable and reliable building systems.

With an Armstrong Steel Building System, your barn can withstand heavy snowfall, earthquakes, high winds, and anything nature throws at it. We can coat the roof panels with Galvalume to prolong their lifespan and prevent rusting. You don’t even have to worry about your barn burning down when there’s a fire because we build with non-combustible materials.

Save on building costs.

Building a traditional wood barn can be expensive due to the amount of labor required. Our pre-engineered steel barns are designed to fit together seamlessly to reduce labor costs. Additionally, this helps avoid residual waste, and you pay only for the materials used. We also engineer your building to meet local building codes and load-bearing requirements to minimize excessive material usage and keep penalties at bay.

Expand as necessary

How do you plan to use our steel barn building kits? Whether for storage, livestock housing, or any other purpose, you can count on their versatility. We offer different framing systems, like modular or clearspan, which is ideal for uninterrupted interior space. Future expansions are also easier, with endless options for length and width extensions.

Are you worried about your barn looking too industrial for your taste? You can incorporate other construction materials into our steel barn building kits to customize their look and feel. At Armstrong Steel, we also offer trendy residential barndominiums to bring your dream home to life quickly and at a more reasonable cost. Our structures support all roof and wall designs, including shingles, stucco, CMU, metal panels, or brick, so your barn or home looks more welcoming instead of looking like a cold warehouse.

Build with Armstrong Steel now!

Our steel barn building kits have the longest warranties, too. Where else can you find a 40-year paint warranty, 35-year roof warranty, and 50-year structural warranty? So, if you’re building a barn, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-345-4610 or request a quote here.