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5 Resources You Need Before You Buy a Metal Building

5 Resources You Need Before You Buy a Metal Building

Before you decide to buy any kind of building for your land, you need to figure out exactly what it is you want. How do you sidestep the marketing slogans, and avoid the sales pitches, and get down to hard and fast facts? Since the process of a buying a metal building can be an intimidating experience, I want to make sure that every person who inquires about Armstrong Steel is directed to the most helpful information. Sure, our mandate is to sell metal buildings. There’s no question about that. But through this approach, you can uncover the right information, and make the best decision for you. Quite often, we find that an Armstrong Building is the best decision anyway. If you’re looking for more information on metal buildings, you’ve come to the right place.

Metal Building Brochures

Do you need a new barn? What about an airplane hangar, or a new workshop? No matter what kind of building you’re envisioning for your property, we have an informative brochure or building guide for you. These educational guides outline some of the examples of our craftsmanship, along with our warranties and promises to our customers. All of our metal buildings are unique and don’t come off an assembly line. Each building is engineered and tailored to your specific requirements, and each brochure represents the intricacies of each building and its uses.

Customer Success Stories

Before you make any big purchase, you want to see what others are saying about the product. Many Armstrong customers wanted to show off their metal buildings and display their stories, with hopes that they can tell others how the process went for them. These stories aren’t sugarcoated; they describe real situations, and how both parties fixed problems and found solutions. You can also look at testimonials and reviews from other satisfied builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of people have questions when it comes to big projects that involve a significant investment. Your metal building is a big deal, and it deserves to be treated as such. I personally think it’s important to provide the most comprehensive set of information in our industry. Over the course of 10 years, Armstrong Steel has helped thousands of first time builders, contractors and small business owners learn more about the advantages of steel buildings. We’ve answered our fair share of questions, and compiled the answers in one spot. Regardless of whom you choose to buy from, or what kind of building you buy, you know you can trust the answers to these questions. There isn’t an agenda, just cold hard facts.

Virtual Steel Building

I’m used to helping thousands of people learn about metal buildings. Do-it-yourselfers might learn by putting something together and taking it apart. Some people are auditory learners, and gain knowledge by hearing. Others are visual learners. For those individuals, we created a virtual steel building. Each part of a steel building system is correctly labeled and explained. Do you know what a purlin is? What about a girt? Use your mouse, and just roll over the area you would like to learn about. If you have any more questions or concerns about the parts of a steel building, you can visit the Steel Building Glossary.

Armstrong Steel Network

It’s my hope that you will have access to as much information as you can get through the entire building process. If you have even more questions on what you should know before you buy, we have a helpful blog for that. How to do you plan for your foundation? Do you understand your building quote? Ready to start thinking about your delivery? What is the Direct Buy Process? If someone like you has asked it, chances are that one of our metal building experts has addressed in the Armstrong Steel Network. It’s the perfect resource for future first time builders, contractors, small business owners, and pastors and church leaders.

It’s vital that you do your homework before you make a big purchase. With these resources, you can make your homework less work.