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5 Ways Contractors Can Make Money in the Winter

5 Ways Contractors Can Make Money in the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for contractors. Jobs are in short supply and working conditions can be harsh. When the weather becomes colder, it could mark the end of a contractor’s money-making season. But November through March doesn’t need to be down time for workers who live in more frigid parts of the country. In fact, money can be made with some adjustments of the kinds of projects you bid on and market. Use these ideas to supplement your income during the cold weather season.

13784599493_67e1174b46_mSnow removal

Don’t find yourself without work when the snow starts to hit the ground. One of the most popular transitions for contractors during the winter months is snow removal. You can invest in a straight-blade or V-shaped plow to fit on the front of your vehicle or rent a UTV or ATV plow and spreader for salt application. Stow this equipment in your metal building. By adding this service to your existing business, you can strengthen your present relationships with your customers and become a one-stop-shop for all consumer needs year round.

Interior Remodeling

Some contractors shift their focus to interior remodeling and design in the winter. This is because many customers  solicit bids during the winter months to see if a project will be less expensive. Projects such as interior flooring, painting, plumbing and cabinetry can be completed in any type of weather. If you choose to work on your metal building’s flooring, make sure you get your slab foundations poured before winter to prevent cracking.

Firewood Delivery5430591464_ba47c0f956_m

Most people don’t use wood for heating anymore but still appreciate the nostalgia of sitting in front of a fireplace at night. Consider buying firewood in bulk and redistributing it to your customers. All you need is some storage space or land to hold the firewood and a vehicle to deliver it; both of which you probably already have. A metal building is the perfect storage space for your equipment year-round! Another option: Contractors can rent their buildings out to companies to use. Letting others use your extra storage space could mean extra green in your wallet.

Holiday Lights metal buildingsHoliday Decorating

A growing business in itself, holiday decorators can make some serious cash. Of course, lots of folks like to take care of this chore themselves but there are many people who don’t enjoy the yearly inconvenience of unpacking boxes, untangling strands of lights and getting up on a ladder. But you wouldn’t mind doing it for pay! Businesses who practice this service typically can design decorations and install lights residentially and commercially. Just remember to check the structure’s electrical and power specifications. You don’t want to blow out the circuitry!

Temporary Employment

Contractors can gain temporary employment at retail stores looking for experienced, seasonal workers. Nurseries and landscaping companies also hire during the winter months. If that’s not something that interests you, think about attending trade shows or teach a construction seminar yourself. You can pump your qualifications, get paid and build your future clientele at the same time. Some contractors even look for work in the south where it stays warm, and then travel back north in the spring.

One last thought: Always make sure you have a good business plan. Even though a good winter strategy might not produce revenue immediately, your plan should have the potential to pay off in the long run. Throughout the year, structure established customer accounts on monthly payments so revenue comes in regularly. Also, get estimates and quotes for the next season and work with clients and customers to bid on jobs for the upcoming year. Plus, keep in touch with the buyer and see if any property is weather damaged and set up consultations. Constant contact will ensure repeat business.

Have any more ideas for contractors to gain extra income during the winter? How do you incorporate your metal building? Tell us below!

Photo courtesy: MTAPhotos, ryochiji, WalterPro4755