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8 Best Mobile Apps for General Contractors

At Armstrong Steel we make sure we deliver the best metal building that we can. A portion of our success is attributed to our dedication to efficiency, not only so that we don’t waste our customers’ time, but also so that we don’t waste our own time. On the job site there is little time for stacks of print-outs, forms and paper blueprints. It’s important to have access to all of your essential documents wherever you are. Likewise, it’s important to manage your team of subcontractors and employees on the go. Whether you are constructing residential metal buildings or skyscrapers, these eight mobile apps for general contractors will help you get the job done efficiently.

1. Construction Master Proconstruction master pro logo

This long-ruling app is the number one Construction Calculator app. This app will do everything from calculate simple measurements and unit conversions to help you figure out where to place roof rafters. Do you need to quickly calculate figures for a customer but left your construction calculator in the truck? Not a problem. Pull out your iPhone and you’re set. At $19.99, this app is more expensive than downloading a song, but when you think about how much hard case Construction Calculators cost (around $70.00) twenty bucks isn’t too bad.

2. i-Ruleri ruler logo

The i-Ruler app is a simple, easy to use solution for taking measurements or estimating projects wherever you are. This app has a simple functionality that allows you to measure items both smaller and larger than your phone. The free version of the i-Ruler app measures around 20 inches. If you find you need more measurements, there is a tiered Pro version available for download which range in price from $0.99 to $2.99 depending on how long and how stylized you want your ruler.

3. Contract Maker Procontract maker pro logo

Like its title states, this app is a resource for making, completing and signing contracts via your mobile phone. This app is completely customizable. You can upload your company’s logo as a header, change names, save documents as PDFs or JPEGs, and save a finished contract as a template for others. For the cost of $4.99, you can have any contract you like at the push of a button.

4. PlanGridplan grid logo

An architect’s dream mobile app, PlanGrid connects design and construction into one place. Share plans, mark directly on plans and make notes on blueprints easily with PlanGrid. This free app has over 1,000 reviews in the App Store, with an overall rating of 5 stars. I probably only have a handful of apps on my phone with 5 star ratings.

5. Bentley Appsbentley app logo

Bentley has created a small number of apps which can be of great use to general contractors. Field Supervisor, Navigator PANO and Structural Supervisor are the most popular of Bentley’s apps. This infrastructure company has been setting precedents in the construction world for years and are now leading the industry with mobile app solutions. Bentley apps can be downloaded for free and are all available for iPhones with only Bentley Map Mobile and Field Supervisor available for Android.

6. Quad LevelQuad Level

Leave your bulky construction level at the office. Quad Level is a construction level for your phone that only costs $0.99 and gives horizontal, vertical, diagonal and 2-D readings. The Quad Level only takes a few seconds to calibrate once it is downloaded and boasts simple functionality.

7. FieldLensfield lens logo

Though created as an extension of the FieldLens desktop software, the FieldLens mobile app works sufficiently as a stand-alone solution to keeping an eye on your team. FieldLens frees you up to go on vacation and keep the ability to watch your team in the field. FieldLens is free to download and is a great solution for monitoring crews.

8. Contractors Appscontractors app logo

The Australian company, Contractors Apps, has created a suite of mobile applications to help you solve all on-site problems. Tradies, Contractors Apps most popular app, enable the capability to record your site diary, change orders, take meeting minutes, create site orders, and much more. The suite of applications also includes Site Boss, Defects and Dollars, all applications designed specifically to benefit the general contractor. At a whopping $149.99, Site Boss packs a bit of a punch to the wallet, but if you’re looking for an overall solution to your daily construction needs, this program and its free add-ons are the solution.

Photo courtesy: Scott Lewis