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Brand your Company with a Custom Metal Building

Brand your Company with a Custom Metal Building

Auto parts warehouse? Yep.

Nursery? Check.

Restaurant? Of course.

Paint store? Wood shop? Strip Mall? Absolutely, Indeed, and YOU BETCHA.

It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you own, you’ll be able to run it from a metal building. But I’m not just talking about erecting a cookie-cutter building; I’m talking about branding your business with a custom metal building.

blue doors Think about it – A brand is the image and character of the product or service you provide. Quality branding has the potential to result in higher sales of your product. While you’re looking for an increase in business, you want your brand to have a psychological and emotional impact on the consumer, and ultimately a positive image when they think about your company.

When you make the commitment to build a custom metal building, you don’t want people to associate your product with another run-of-the-mill box structure. Those are everywhere. You want to people to associate your product with greatness, originality, and innovation.

Maybe you’re in charge of running an old car repair shop, and you want to increase your profits by getting more business. If you only have two or three spots for cars to come in and out, you’re not maximizing your potential. Look into a custom metal building, equipped with more skylights and car lifts to accommodate several customers and their cars at once! While you’re tinkering on and repairing those cars, be sure to include overhead doors and framed openings to let the exhaust out. The ability to tailor a custom metal building to your business needs can get more people through the doors. With the ease and speed of metal building erection, you won’t lose any business as you transfer sites.

Let’s get more in depth with the idea of branding. custom building 1Have you ever been to themed restaurant? Do you remember why you decided to eat there? Everyone knows what you mean when you say you’re going to eat at the ‘golden arches.’ That’s branding. Those BBQ restaurants, burger joints, and even high-end bistros are designed inside and out to maximize the guest experience. What keeps you coming back to a restaurant? It’s the food, right? Taste will always be king in the consumers mind, but a proper design and motif could get them to the entrance, and appeal to their other senses. Do you own a chicken place? Upgrade to custom metal building that looks like red barn and sell that image. Keep the theme going on the inside with fence posts separating tables or booths, and use a faux wood façade to complete the look. You get the idea – it’s about creating an atmosphere that sticks in the mind of your customer, giving them an experience every time they patronize your establishment.

custom buildingIf you own a car dealership, bingo hall or department store, you’re playing along the same lines. You will want lots of interior, uninterrupted space to conduct business while still creating an inviting environment. Wow your customers by carving out a unique identity. Consider this: as a small business, you’re constantly communicating with your customers, even when it’s non verbal. What do you want to your appearance to convey to your clientele?

Anyone can erect a metal building. You want a custom metal building that you can modify to fit your own unique look, and will make people positively associate it with your company. It’s never too late to make a first impression. Talk to a building expert and begin crafting yours today.

Photo courtesy: Derek Gaveym01229, Yuri Levchenko