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You’ll Never Believe That ‘One Size Fits All’ Again After Reading This

You’ll Never Believe That ‘One Size Fits All’ Again After Reading This

It might be one of the most frustrating phrases in the English language. ‘One size fits all.’ It’s become popular in our country to make a product or service that caters to everyone. Advertising an all-purpose hat that anyone can wear is definitely a good sales tactic, or clothing that is described as ‘universal” has its advantages when it’s marketed to the masses. More people might think, “Hey, if it fits everyone, then it will work for me, too.” At least, that’s the desired effect.

But with this approach, we sadly forget about what makes us all unique. If everything is made the same, then we, in a small way, lose our individuality, our creativity, our expressiveness. ‘One Size Fits All’ might pertain to your favorite scarf or wristwatch but it doesn’t work for your church, especially when it comes to your congregation.

steel buildingA lot of times, pastors and church leaders read our blogs when looking for advice on growing their congregation. When we get to work in conjunction with these church leaders, we’re able to offer advice on moving into a steel building, and we really get to immerse ourselves in the process that every individual church goes through. That means understanding all the ways a church operates; how you plan to use your new steel building, and the amount of people affected by this move. Every project is different so I know that I could never offer you a ‘One Size Fits All’ building.

Think about your congregation right now. If you’re thinking you need more space, or the old chapel on the church grounds is just plain falling apart, how will your worshipers react to a potential change? Congregational dynamics alone prove that ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’ Every single one is different! How large is your congregation, and why did they join in the first place? How do they gain acceptance in the church atmosphere, and how do they respond to your leadership? Ask yourself these questions before you decide to build a steel building. What might work for a congregation of 100 people isn’t suited for a group of 500 churchgoers.

steel buildingAlong the same lines, you’ll need to pick a steel building provider that doesn’t make, “cookie cutter,” buildings which roll off an assembly line. Each member of your flock is unique, specially made by God – and because of the way your congregation operates and reacts to different provocations, it’s important to find a building that your particular church group will feel comfortable in the decades to come. The goal isn’t to get your congregation into a building as fast as possible without learning what drives it spiritually. The ‘one size fits all’ mindset doesn’t work here either.

So we’re throwing away the old idiom of, ‘one size fits all’ and replacing it with a tweaked version.

‘Our sizes fit all.’

Your church family comes in all shapes and sizes. Our steel buildings come the same way.

Photo courtesy: Wonderlane