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How To Build Your Fantasy NASCAR Garage

How To Build Your Fantasy NASCAR Garage

Whether you are storing your everyday SUV, an old classic or working on a stock car to race at your local circle track, your garage is a direct reflection of your commitment to cars. Are you organized? Do each one of your tools have a specific place on the wall? Do you wish your garage was outfitted by official NASCAR builders to your specifications? Your dream NASCAR garage can become a reality. First, build a steel garage. Next, trick out that steel garage so Jimmie Johnson will feel right at home. First things first. Your NASCAR steel garage needs a bathroom, plenty of storage and plenty of room to work. When you’re knee deep in a new carburetor, you aren’t going to want to run inside the house to use the toilet. Who knows what your lady will try to rope you into if you show your face inside the house. A bathroom should be your first priority when designing your garage.

Insider tip: Raise your cabinetry for easy floor cleaning without ruining your cabinets.

15011204612_7a7fd22445_zWhile you’re thinking about storage cabinets, give yourself enough space to store all your things–golf clubs, coolers, hunting gear, winter gear, snowboards, etc. The more storage space you have, the more organized you are. Get OCD inside your garage! Do you think NASCAR professionals have their tools lying helter skelter inside their garage? No, each wrench, extra lug nut and can of glass cleaner has its own place. Powder coated stainless steel cabinetry is a staple of the real deal NASCAR garage. When you build your steel garage, make sure you design your ceilings tall enough fit your car lift. When you’re working underneath the hood, you need to lift that bad boy up to get a good look. If your car lift reaches 12 feet, make your ceilings 20 feet high. Consider having one of your garage walls painted by an artist.  A mural of your favorite driver or even a mural of a NASCAR track on the inside of your garage will add a unique atmosphere–it will make your garage the only garage like it in the nation.

Insider Tip: Let in some natural light with windows and skylights to really show of your cars.

6944597208_4fe37f72b6_zThe interior of your NASCAR garage has to be just right. Where do you start when designing the inside? A classic checkered flag floor. Throw down a false floor to keep your garage floor gleaming–no oil spills here, just pristine, good-looking black and white squares. Decorate the walls! Remember, this place is as functional as it is good looking. Hang your tools neatly on glossy red tool racks. Hang some NASCAR Memorabilia on the walls. Are you a Ford or Chevy man? Hang vintage manufacturer’s signs. That poster of Dale Earnhardt you bought that your wife wouldn’t let you hang in the house? Get that puppy in a frame. Your NASCAR garage is a perfect place to hang the memory of Dale. Find a vintage gas station neon sign to really impress your buds. Add a kegerator! Buy some extra stools so your friends have a place to sit when they come to see your cool new garage. Design the garage with some extra space for shootin’ the breeze and having a beer. The key to building your dream NASCAR garage is making sure that is embodies both form and function. It needs to look so awesome, you only want to hang out in your garage. It also needs to function as a real garage so you can get down and dirty restoring your cars and motorcycles. The NASCAR garage of your dreams all starts by building a steel garage. Once your steel garage is erected, the possibilities are endless.

Senior Project Manager Bennett Hietbrink knows a thing or two about outfitting steel buildings. Learn more about Bennett and his contribution to Armstrong Steel by clicking here.

Photo courtesy: Royal Broil, Paul Smith, Adithya Anand

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