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Building Towards Agricultural Sustainability: How Metal Structures Address Farming Challenges

Building Towards Agricultural Sustainability: How Metal Structures Address Farming Challenges

Farmers and agricultural professionals embody resilience and perseverance — qualities that are essential for navigating the unpredictable challenges that threaten their livelihood, such as drought, pests, and erratic weather patterns. And to safeguard their crops, equipment, and assets, they require robust solutions. This is where metal agricultural building kits come in.

At Armstrong Steel, we specialize in customizing pre-engineered steel structures tailored to the specific safety and security demands of farmers across America. Whether you need enhanced storage for agricultural tools, equipment, machinery, crops, livestock, or other products, our building consultants are here to design a tailor-made metal building kit. These kits are ready for quick assembly and erection upon delivery to your farm, offering a durable and secure solution for your agricultural needs.

In this blog, we’ll share the most common issues farmers face and how our metal agricultural building kits can address and overcome them.

Wood rot

American farmers have built barns and agricultural facilities from wood for many years. Although widely accessible, wood is not necessarily cheap in the long run, especially when exposed to moisture and pests.

One of the persistent problems with wooden structures is how fast they rot and get compromised by termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Although you can take steps to prevent them, not all farmers have the resources to properly maintain their buildings. Additionally, once wood rot occurs, it’s an irreversible problem that can cost farmers more, especially when replacements and pest control become necessary.

Armstrong Steel metal agricultural building kits are more durable, stronger, and resistant to pests and rot. Our steel-framed farming structures are more resilient against moisture and won’t be affected by fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.


As a farmer, you likely know how busy life can be in the fields, and you barely have enough time to maintain your storage facilities. Wood structures are high-maintenance and require regular inspections and treatments to keep them in optimum condition. If you have no time and patience for that, we recommend building your new facility using our metal agricultural building kits.

Armstrong Steel metal buildings hardly require any additional treatments or maintenance efforts once they’re built. Plus, we guarantee the quality and longevity of our structures and give you more peace of mind with the following warranties:

  • 50-year structural warranty
  • 40-year paint warranty
  • 35-year rust-through perforation warranty

Securing assets

Farmers are often threatened by theft or wild animals straying into their facilities to destroy, steal, or compromise their livestock, equipment, and crops. If you have the same concerns about your farm, it’s time you consider our metal agricultural building kits.

Armstrong Steel building systems are the ultimate solutions to enhance safety and security when housing harvested crops, livestock, equipment, tools, and machinery. We customize our steel structures to ensure optimum protection for your livelihood and assets. You also have more freedom to maximize the interior layout for storage, as the building can have minimal to no columns.


Do you need bigger and wider doors for larger equipment and farming vehicles? We can design metal agricultural building kits with these features, even to accommodate overhead, sliding, or rolling doors. Our pre-engineered steel agricultural structures also have flexible interiors that allow you to set up dedicated areas for installing lifts, additional floors, or an office. We offer modular and clear-span layouts so we can design the building for any application.


Extreme temperatures can harm your harvested crops and livestock. If you grow plants and vegetables indoors, you still need to maintain optimum temperatures to keep them healthy and thriving. Our steel agricultural buildings are easier to insulate than wood-frame structures. Plus, they insulate far better than other materials to boost energy efficiency. Ultimately, this can lead to extra savings on cooling and heating costs while ensuring comfortable and appropriate indoor temperatures year-round.

Future expansions

Building with traditional materials can cause problems down the road when you need to expand to accommodate a growing farm. You’ll likely need to build a new structure or spend a lot of resources renovating an existing one.

That’s not the case with our metal agricultural building kits. Their clear-span framing systems simplify future expansions by offering endless length and width extensions, allowing you to expand your building to match your growing requirements. We’ll even help with that by providing additional materials to complete your project quickly and cost-effectively.

Time-sensitive requirements

Do you need a new building in time for harvest season? Constructing one from wood and other traditional materials will take a few months to complete. Armstrong Steel metal agricultural building kits are ready to assemble and erect, taking only a few hours or days to finish. This means you don’t have to wait too long and spend more money on labor costs.

When we make your metal building, our experts specifically engineer every piece to meet your local building codes and load-bearing capacity requirements to avoid excessive material usage and residual waste. Additionally, this means you paying only for the materials we use.

Armstrong Steel structures also come with an erection guide, comprehensive assembly drawings, and anchor bolt patterns. All parts already have pre-punched holes, are numbered and pre-cut, and are easy to bolt together to streamline assembly.

Overcome your farming challenges with Armstrong Steel.

Are you ready to design and price your metal agricultural building kit? Request a free quote here or call us at 1-800-345-4610 to speak to one of our building consultants about your project.