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Sacred Spaces, Modern Designs: How Armstrong Steel’s Metal Church Kits Redefining Worship Spaces

At Armstrong Steel, we offer a pre-engineered, customizable metal church kit that can help you build a new worship center quickly and cost-effectively. As a top steel building manufacturer in America, we are a leading supplier of metal buildings to a wide range of customers, including churches. If building a new place of worship is in your plans, talk to our in-house consultants to create an affordable, durable, and adaptable prefabricated establishment that satisfies your specific requirements.

We understand that every church structure is different, depending on the needs of the congregation. This is why we build every metal church kit with flexible, clear-span designs to allow every customer to optimize the space. We are redefining worship centers by creating column-free spaces that allow you to welcome more people inside. Without pillars or interior supports, these flexible spaces can be used for other purposes—such as for community meetings and gatherings, or even as evacuation shelters during calamities.

Designed for your church

At Armstrong Steel, we understand that every religion or congregation follows a specific and unique architecture for their worship spaces. With this in mind, we will produce a custom metal church kit according to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the building looking like a warehouse or an industrial factory because our experts will take note of your aesthetic needs without compromising your budget. Moreover, our structures can support various roofing and wall options, including brick, shingles, stucco, metal panels, and CMU.

Better than traditional materials

Steel buildings are better than traditional structures when it comes to weather resistance, longevity, and construction times. And here at Armstrong Steel, we don’t stick to the standards of our competition and avoid cookie-cutter designs. Every metal church kit we make highlights our commitment to constant design improvements. We pay attention to every weld, connection plate, material, component, and feature in your building, so you don’t have to worry about anything when you assemble and start using it as a place of worship.

Build anywhere

No matter where you plan to build your next church, you can count on our metal church kit to withstand strong earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snowfall, and high winds. Plus, you can erect the new building within a few days or weeks with accredited builders. It can even be a community project that involves your congregation to strengthen your bond.

With traditional materials, you would have to wait at least a few months before you can use your church. At Armstrong Steel, we provide comprehensive assembly drawings, anchor bolt patterns, and a detailed erection guide with every steel church kit. Simply follow the drawings and instructions to know where the numbered and precut components go. If you need help, our team is ready to address your concerns.

Build a cost-effective sacred space

Our metal church kit comes with a rigid steel framing that allows for better insulation than wood-frame buildings. This meets modern design standards for energy efficiency to reduce cooling and heating costs. You can keep holding worship services without worrying about freezing temperatures or extremely hot and humid conditions. If you need to expand your church down the line, our metal buildings offer virtually endless options for length or width extensions.

Steel buildings are also practical for adding more facilities to your property. We offer recreation and institutional metal building kits that are easy to erect and cost-effective for such purposes.

For any size

Armstrong Steel has a metal church kit for congregations of every size. Our options include 30’ x 60’, 60’ x 80’, 40’ x 80’, and 100’ x 100’. Plus, we can customize the building’s size to your exact requirements and budget.


Building a new church won’t be expensive with our metal church kit. We design every structure in-house to optimize the use of materials and avoid residual waste. You will pay only for the materials we use (unlike when you build with lumber). Moreover, we carefully engineer every aspect of the church building to meet local codes and loads to prevent excessive material use. This also means every component will seamlessly fit together to reduce labor costs. All these features can help you save money and avoid surprise costs down the road.

Peace of mind for your church

We stand behind the quality of our steel building systems. When you get a metal church kit from us, it will be covered by:

  • A 50-year structural warranty – Standard builders don’t usually provide any structural warranty to their projects, but we beg to differ. Armstrong Steel metal churches are guaranteed durable and robust, or we’ll make it right.
  • A 35-year roof warranty – Conventional construction typically uses wood roofing materials that can’t withstand the elements. Armstrong Steel churches have a 35-year rust through perforation roof warranty to increase your confidence in our solutions.
  • A 40-year paint warranty – Our paint warranty is among the longest to give you more peace of mind and guarantee an aesthetically pleasing church for decades.

If you’re planning to build a church, use our metal building kits. Contact us here for a quick quote, or call 1-800-345-4610.