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Metal Building Revolution: Armstrong Steel’s Vision for the Future of Architectural Excellence

Metal buildings have come a long way since they were used for industrial purposes. Although we still offer industrial steel frame structures, we now also build them for many other applications. At Armstrong Steel, we can customize our structures to suit every industry or requirement. Whether you need a metal building for residential, commercial, or business purposes, we have the capacity, expertise, and technologies to make it happen. This is why we are recognized as America’s top steel building manufacturer revolutionizing construction and leading the way to architectural excellence.

Symbols of modern construction

Metal buildings are testaments to modern construction’s versatility, durability, and efficiency. They’ve come a long way from their industrial roots, and we’re at the forefront of shaping their future in construction and architecture. Our structures demonstrate their unmatched flexibility, making them the top choice for builders, contractors, families, and DIY enthusiasts alike. These custom pre-engineered metal buildings are designed to meet a variety of needs.

When we deliver metal workshop buildings, we include detailed drawings, a comprehensive erection guide, and precise anchor bolt patterns to streamline the assembly process. We also ensure most components are pre-cut and numbered to match the custom drawings. Our metal buildings are engineered for ease, with major connections designed to bolt together effortlessly and pre-punched holes that significantly reduce both labor and construction costs.

More peace of mind for property owners

Steel-frame structures are more durable and long-lasting than traditional wood-frame alternatives, and we prove this with every metal building we make. Our pre-engineered buildings can withstand earthquakes, high winds, and heavy snow loads, and we build them according to your local building codes and load-bearing requirements to ensure a robust solution that will last for decades.

In addition, we offer the best warranties in this industry. Whether you buy a religious or an equestrian steel building from us, it will be backed by our 50-year structural and 35-year roof warranties. Even the paint is covered by a 40-year guarantee to ensure an attractive building for many years.

Designed for every need

We’re not like other metal building manufacturers that keep remaking their designs. For every project, we design every connection plate, component, and weld specific to the customer’s requirements to ensure the most powerful and one-of-a-kind building system with outstanding architecture and engineering.

Keep reading to discover how an Armstrong Steel metal building system is defining architectural excellence in various applications.


If you own a business, we offer reliable commercial metal buildings to boost your profits, strengthen your brand, and give more confidence to customers. Our structures have been used for medical clinics, shopping centers, restaurants, offices, motor vehicle dealerships, and many other establishments. This proves their flexibility for any purpose, as we offer them with minimal to no interior columns. Plus, future expansions are more straightforward because our buildings can be extended in various ways, eliminating the need for extensive renovations.

Aviation and garage

An Armstrong Steel metal building has a versatile modular or clearspan framing system ideal for aircraft hangars and vehicle garages. Our in-house building consultants and design team will consider your requirements and build your structure with large portals to accommodate sliding, rolling, or overhead doors for storing and moving oversized equipment, airplanes, helicopters, or automobiles.


A metal building can be more economical for farms because it is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions that can easily destroy wood-frame structures. We can design your building with larger openings to help you move farm equipment and crops with ease. Plus, we can help you plan the layout to include lifts and dedicated areas for livestock and storage.

Instead of constructing a traditional red barn, we recommend an Armstrong Steel agricultural metal building that’s easy to maintain and longer-lasting. We also provide Galvalume-coated steel roof panels to prolong their lifespan. Moreover, our structures are non-combustible and unlikely to burn down quickly.

Steel homes or barndominiums

If you can’t catch a break in this unpredictable housing market and economy, an Armstrong Steel metal building could be just what you need to realize your dream home. With our engineering and architectural prowess, we can transform steel buildings into comfortable and safe dwellings for families. Plus, these properties are more affordable down the road, as they require minimal maintenance and can survive extreme weather.

Our building consultants will even work with you to design your dream home. We can make unrestricted spaces with flexible floor plans and a steel frame that’s easier to insulate to help reduce your heating and cooling costs. Our clear-span designs allow you to maximize the interior height of the structure, so you can finish your home according to your lifestyle and unique requirements.

With Armstrong Steel, you don’t have to worry about your steel home looking like an industrial metal building. Our design experts can help you find the perfect interior and exterior finishes. Plus, our structures can support all roof and wall designs, including metal panels, shingles, brick, stucco, and CMU. You don’t even have to wait too long to move in because our steel structures are easy and quick to assemble. With traditional homes, you would have to wait at least a few months to finish construction.

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