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Industry Insights: What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Steel Metal Building Kit

Industry Insights: What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Steel Metal Building Kit

As America’s top steel building manufacturer, we are not just committed to bringing the best products for your business or personal use. We also work closely with every customer to help them get the right steel metal building kits according to their application, budget, and unique requirements. At Armstrong Steel, we want to ensure that our customers can make informed decisions throughout their entire construction process—from when they start exploring our kits to purchasing and beyond.

Get a quote

We recommend getting a quote from at least two different manufacturers of steel metal building kits, including us, so you can compare our offers. Our in-house experts at Armstrong Steel will crunch your numbers to show how much you can save with our systems. It only takes a few minutes to price your building online and review your custom pricing on the spot. And we only need a few details to get started, such as:

  • Your building location – This is to ensure accurate pricing. At Armstrong Steel, we engineer every steel metal building kit according to your local building codes and loads.
  • Size – Choose the building’s height, length, and width. We have years of experience designing and building custom pre-engineered metal building systems and offer different framing systems for any application.
  • Your general building design – Are you worried about your steel building looking too industrial or like a warehouse? Our metal buildings are customizable in different trim or wall colors and other construction materials to suit your aesthetic requirements.

Many customers choose steel metal building kits based solely on price. Cost is certainly an important consideration, but it’s also important to look beyond it. As specialists in metal buildings, we can offer insights from the industry that will help you select the most suitable metal building kit for your needs.

Find out if you’re eligible for direct pricing.

Buying directly can offer you significant savings in time and money, particularly if your project involves acquiring additional building components like insulation, doors, and windows. This opportunity—once exclusive to larger contractors—is now available to everyone through Armstrong Steel’s Direct Buy program. Our project managers invest time in meticulously designing steel metal building kits to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

You may be qualified if:

  • Your job site is construction-ready
  • Your build schedule coincides with a gap in ours (especially during the winter)

We recommend that you pay an engineering fee upon placing your order to access our Factory Direct Buy program benefits. It’s essential to accept our delivery on time. That said, we understand that flexibility is key, so please talk to your project manager about the possibility of delaying delivery if special circumstances arise.

Steel prices can affect the cost of your building.

Did you know there is no standard price for steel metal building kits? This is because of rising and fluctuating steel prices. Ultimately, the price of your metal building is impacted by these factors:

  • Oil and gas prices
  • Global production
  • Current market conditions
  • China’s influence on steel manufacturing and use
  • Supply and demand

Despite these factors, we have the luxury of offering steel metal building kits at highly competitive rates. Many of our customers find our prices generally lower than what they would have to spend if they built with conventional construction methods.

Purchasing options

Our status as the number 1 manufacturer of steel metal building kits in the US allows us to work with different customers who have unique needs and circumstances. Some know the technical side and challenges of contracting and can do everything on their own, but others are new to handling a building project. As such, we offer our expertise and knowledge to anyone who needs our help. Plus, we have different purchasing options to suit every customer.

  • Direct Buy program – This option eliminates the middleman and lets you manage some or all aspects of your steel building and get discounts. It’s ideal for many builders and DIY enthusiasts. Just be sure to talk to our steel building experts to know if you qualify!
  • Retail purchase – Our steel metal building kitsare available for retail purchase to various customers, including first-time builders and DIYers. We recommend this to anyone who already knows what they want from their structure but doesn’t have time to oversee certain aspects of the project. If this is you, our Building Expert has your back. They will work with you to identify your exact needs before selecting the best windows and doors. Then, you can place your order and coordinate with our delivery department to schedule a date that’s best for you.

What do you want to build?

No matter the scale of your project, we are confident in our ability to provide the right steel metal building kits for it. Check out some samples here, and don’t hesitate to call 1-866-529-4568 for more options. Our Building Experts are also ready to help you!